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5e6e15b... by Jarno Suni on 2016-11-11

Add error message function and use it when appropriate.

d05aec7... by Jarno Suni on 2016-11-11

Change usage a little and handle parsing the ppa accordingly.

dde5400... by Tim Lunn on 2016-12-18

fix usage options and suppress getopts error messages

9dbd19d... by Tim Lunn on 2016-03-15

change versioning scheme

da325b2... by Tim Lunn on 2016-03-15

Switch to git repo and fix Vcs- tags

eb366bb... by Tim Lunn on 2016-03-15

Merge soname code missing from last release

2c938ae... by Tim Lunn on 2014-12-11

reformat with tabs

36c7d5f... by Tim Lunn on 2014-11-15

add bug ref

ada3683... by Tim Lunn on 2014-11-15

Add some logic to handle packages that have had a soname bump, packages with
manual renames will still break, however these should be pretty rare.

42276a2... by Lorenzo De Liso on 2012-11-30

[ Tim Lunn ]
* Generate a multiarch aware package revert list (LP: #892886)
[ Lorenzo De Liso ]
* Bumped Standard-Versions to 3.9.3, no additional changes required