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docs: Fix incorrect Azure IMDS IP address

The Azure datasource was incorrectly listing the IP address. This
updates the address to match what is in the Azure provided IMDS

LP: #1849508

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~powersj/cloud-init:fix/azure_ip_doc updated on 2019-10-23
102970f... by Joshua Powers on 2019-10-23

Really fixed IP

Joshua Powers (powersj) wrote :

Fixed, thanks

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1diff --git a/doc/rtd/topics/datasources/azure.rst b/doc/rtd/topics/datasources/azure.rst
2index 8328dfa..1427fb3 100644
3--- a/doc/rtd/topics/datasources/azure.rst
4+++ b/doc/rtd/topics/datasources/azure.rst
5@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ IMDS
6 ----
7 Azure provides the `instance metadata service (IMDS)
8 <>`_
9-which is a REST service on ```` providing additional
10+which is a REST service on ```` providing additional
11 configuration information to the instance. Cloud-init uses the IMDS for:
13 - network configuration for the instance which is applied per boot


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