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Name Last Modified Last Commit
fix/pyflakes-local-var 2019-08-15 17:30:27 UTC 2019-08-15
pyflakes: remove unused variable

Author: Joshua Powers
Author Date: 2019-08-15 17:30:27 UTC

pyflakes: remove unused variable

feature/cc-uaclient 2019-04-04 16:39:15 UTC 2019-04-04
ubuntu_advantage: rewrite cloud-config module

Author: Joshua Powers
Author Date: 2019-04-04 16:39:15 UTC

ubuntu_advantage: rewrite cloud-config module

ubuntu-advantage-tools version 19 has a different command line
interface. Update cloud-init's config module to accept new
ubuntu_advantage configuration settings.

* Underscores better than hyphens: deprecate 'ubuntu-advantage'
  cloud-config key in favor of 'ubuntu_advantage'
* Attach machines with either sso credentials of UA user_token
* Services are enabled by name though an 'enable' list
* Raise warnings if deprecated ubuntu-advantage config keys are
  present, or errors if its config we cannott adapt to

Ubuntu Advantage support can now be configured via #cloud-config
with the following yaml:

  token: 'thisismyubuntuadvantagetoken'
  enable: [esm, fips, livepatch]

test-add-disco 2018-11-15 21:59:48 UTC 2018-11-15
tests: add Disco release

Author: Joshua Powers
Author Date: 2018-11-15 21:59:48 UTC

tests: add Disco release

read-version-error-msg 2018-08-30 18:01:49 UTC 2018-08-30
add --tags

Author: Joshua Powers
Author Date: 2018-08-30 18:01:49 UTC

add --tags

flamegraphs 2018-08-20 14:48:15 UTC 2018-08-20

Author: Joshua Powers
Author Date: 2018-08-20 14:48:15 UTC


master 2018-08-17 20:25:31 UTC 2018-08-17
Add datasource Oracle Compute Infrastructure (OCI).

Author: Scott Moser
Author Date: 2018-08-17 20:25:31 UTC

Add datasource Oracle Compute Infrastructure (OCI).

This adds a Oracle specific datasource that functions with OCI.
It is a simplified version of the OpenStack metadata server
with support for vendor-data.

It does not support the OCI-C (classic) platform.

Also here is a move of BrokenMetadata to common 'sources'
as this was the third occurrence of that class.

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