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Proposed branch: lp:~popey/ubuntu-terminal-app/fix-1430660
Merge into: lp:~ubuntu-terminal-dev/ubuntu-terminal-app/reboot
Diff against target: 18 lines (+8/-0)
1 file modified
src/app/qml/KeyboardRows/Layouts/ControlKeys.json (+8/-0)
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Ubuntu Phone Apps Jenkins Bot continuous-integration Approve
Ubuntu Terminal Developers Pending
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Seems more people than we thought use nano for editing random text files, and having CTRL+X on the CTRL bar is handy for those people. Longer term we should have a nano specific layout.

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Ubuntu Phone Apps Jenkins Bot (ubuntu-phone-apps-jenkins-bot) wrote :
review: Approve (continuous-integration)
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Alan Pope 🍺🐧🐱 πŸ¦„ (popey) wrote :

Now we have a merge for a full nano profile, it seems less useful to have this.

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Filippo Scognamiglio (flscogna) wrote :

Yes I agree. Personally I can't think of another good reason to have CTRL+X shortcut.

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Evan McIntire (mcintire-evan) wrote :

In the interest of cleaning things up, should this be marked as "Rejected" (I don't see the option to mark it as superseded or any such thing)

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69. By Alan Pope 🍺🐧🐱 πŸ¦„

fix 1430660

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1=== modified file 'src/app/qml/KeyboardRows/Layouts/ControlKeys.json'
2--- src/app/qml/KeyboardRows/Layouts/ControlKeys.json 2015-02-03 21:43:38 +0000
3+++ src/app/qml/KeyboardRows/Layouts/ControlKeys.json 2015-03-25 08:56:58 +0000
4@@ -30,6 +30,14 @@
5 {
6 "main_action" : {
7 "type": "key",
8+ "text" : "CTRL+X",
9+ "key" : "X",
10+ "mod" : "Control"
11+ }
12+ },
13+ {
14+ "main_action" : {
15+ "type": "key",
16 "text" : "CTRL+Z",
17 "key" : "Z",
18 "mod" : "Control"


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