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14. By Brashko <email address hidden>

update to my latest version, combat, PMs, sound effects, some bugfixes

13. By Brashko <email address hidden>

upload windows UI

12. By Brashko <email address hidden>

uploaded windows UI, made a few changes, added shouts and screams,fixed a bug which caused the client to crash when changing server

11. By Matthew Walton

Join-as-player now works. Still to do: current player list and PMs.
There is also a threading issue with another chunk of network data coming in before we've read the previous one. We might want to not restart the async read until we've actually finished processing, or we need to force processing into the same thread so that it happens sequentially. As a result of this, sometimes it's possible for a joining player to not see the end of the character sheet, and so they never quite finish because they think everything's a character sheet line (although the GM updating the sheet again is capable of kicking it out of that mode if it sees the 402 at the end).

10. By Matthew Walton

Cleaned up some files which shouldn't be in the repository as they're actually MonoDevelop metadata.

Thanks to James Brashko <email address hidden> who spotted that what we thought was the ID of the computer's slot is actually the server's specified computer font size increase. The slot appears to be determined another way, so for the time being I've implemented the logic that the first NPC slot is The Computer and should be rendered accordingly. This seems to work on my eight-player server where the old code didn't. We're ignoring the server-specified font size, as presentational issues are the province of the client under POGS design ideas.

9. By Matthew Walton

Moved another method to delegate callbacks. Better handling of observer join/leave. Initial groundwork for players joining (need to study packet captures for message format). Next task: player join/leave notifications, and then logging in as a player.

8. By Matthew Walton <matthew@aerial>

Now using continuation passing style for callback pairs. Simplifies client interface and code dependencies.

7. By Matthew Walton <matthew@aerial>

Logging in as an observer and chatting is now possible. Some issues with network code. Want to switch async client/UI callback pairs to use continuation passing style to simplify the interfaces a bit.

6. By Matthew Walton <matthew@aerial>

Added Ring class for later use with colour selection for players in the UI. All UIs are likely to use it, so it's in POGSNetwork (maybe that project needs renaming). Added EnterPasswordDialog to GTK+ UI. Enough's hooked up now to get as far as asking the user which player slot they want. Next step: join as observer and handle chat requests. After that, join as player, handle PMs and character sheets and other player-y things.

5. By Matthew Walton <matthew@aerial>

Missed some new files out of the commit

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