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39. By Peter Maydell

* New upstream snapshot.
  - Improve stack unwinding in Thumb code.
  - --db-attach now works correctly on ARM.
  - accept D16-D31 registers in VFP code.
  - implement some missing ARM media instructions.
  - implement some missing Thumb instructions including LDREX,
    STREX and v7 barriers.

38. By Peter Maydell

* New upstream snapshot.
  - Supports ARM Thumb2 and Neon.
  - Revert debian/rules change to pass CFLAGS to make -- configure
    now honours CFLAGS.
  - Remove the workaround for KDE #247978 -- upstream now builds
    with -marm automatically on ARM by default.
  - Remove valgrind-docs-build.diff -- upstream have fixed 'make dist'.
  - Drop dpatch 60_thumb-sigill-fixes.dpatch -- it isn't needed
    when valgrind is being built for ARM mode, and building as
    Thumb is not supported.
  - Drop dpatch 91_build_with_fno_stack_protector -- upstream
    builds with -fno-stack-protector by default.

37. By Loïc Minier

* Remove BUILD_ALL_DOCS=no snippet from rules; this isn't needed anymore as
  texlive-base got fixed.
* Pass CFLAGS to configure, and also to make due to KDE #247980 -- the make
  part really needs to be reverted as it requires duplicating the upstream
  flags right now.
* Honor noopt in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS by passing -O0 in CFLAGS when noopt is
* Pass -marm in CFLAGS when DEB_HOST_GNU_CPU is arm; works around new FTBFS
  on armel.

36. By Loïc Minier

* New upstream snapshot.
  - Supports GLIB 2.12; LP: #602132.
  - Drop dpatch 01_pcm-ioctl; fixed upstream slighlty differently; see
    KDE #227325.
  - Drop dpatch 01_more-vg-n-threads; merged upstream.
  - Drop dpatch 80_splice_backport; merged upstream.
  - Update dpatch 99-autoreconf.
  - Update documentation on creating snapshots in debian/copyright and add
    debian/valgrind-docs-build.diff to help creating these (works around an
    issue with building the docs during make dist).

35. By Steve Langasek

No-change rebuild to get the package picked up for building on armel.

34. By Loïc Minier

New dpatch, 60_thumb-sigill-fixes, from upstream KDE #231108, fixes
SIGILLs on startup when build in Thumb mode. This allows valgrind-ing
simple ARM-mode binaries, but supporting Thumb-mode binaries requires much
larger changes; LP: #537458.

33. By Loïc Minier

New dpatch, 80_splice_backport, backport of splice() support from r11055;
LP: #537688.

32. By Loïc Minier

* Fix typo in 02_version dpatch: default.supp instead of debian.supp.
* Only distclean if there's a Makefile.
* Clean debian.supp.
* Fix dependencies in rules to be -j safe and to patch before configure;
  also, use $(DPATCH_STAMPFN) dep instead of patch as the latter is PHONY
* Forwarded manpage update proposal upstream in KDE #226609 and disabled
  patch 01_manpage since it fails to unapply due to upstream removing the
  manpage in distclean.
* Configure with --disable-maintainer-mode.
* Bump debhelper build-dep to >= 5.

31. By Loïc Minier

* New upstream SVN snapshot from r11040 (and VEX r1959).
  - Document in copyright that this snapshot tarball was created with "make
    BUILD_ALL_DOCS=no dist" in svn://svn.valgrind.org/valgrind/trunk while
    Debian #566591 affects the PDF build.
  - Also add BUILD_ALL_DOCS=no to rules for the same reason.
  - Update patch 02_version to apply to configure.in instead of configure
    and to only patch the version, bug contact, and DEFAULT_SUPP.
  - Drop patch 92_glibc-2.11-support, in upstream tarball.
  - Update patch 99_autoreconf.
  - Add armel to binary package architecture, lots of recent upstream
    development toward an ARM port recently! :-)

30. By Loïc Minier

New patches, 92_glibc-2.11-support, cherry-picked from upstream r10941;
adds glibc 2.11 support, and 99_autoreconf.

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