Last commit made on 2014-05-30
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dd91dbe... by Mike Gabriel

upload to wheezy-backports (debian/1.8.0-1~bpo70+1)

e0c5637... by Mike Gabriel

upload to unstable (debian/1.8.0-1)

8d00d52... by Mike Gabriel

debian/control: Drop B-D: cdbs. Not needed for pure debhelper debian/rules file. Add ${shlibs:Depends} as dependency for bin:package python-caja.

9508302... by Mike Gabriel

debian/changelog: Finalize for initial upload to Debian.

29f00ed... by Mike Gabriel

debian/control: improve LONG_DESCRIPTION fields, some line-ending fixes.

fae5acd... by Vangelis Mouhtsis

debian/rules: Enable parallel builds.

9c11f8b... by Vangelis Mouhtsis

debian/rules: Turn on compiler commands during package build (configure option: --disable-silent-rules).

e325ed6... by Vangelis Mouhtsis

debian/rules: Build package using autogen.sh.

2f09c29... by Vangelis Mouhtsis

debian/copyright: Point to git.mate-desktop.org in Source: field.

dc0a676... by Vangelis Mouhtsis

debian/watch: Use tagged CGit tarball snapshots as upstream source.