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74d3a5f... by Mike Gabriel

upload to unstable (debian/1.8.1-2)

1097f9d... by Mike Gabriel

lintian: Add overrides for debhelper's erroneously triggered makeshlibs script.

02829d0... by Mike Gabriel

update changelog from Git history

ecd6fc0... by Mike Gabriel

debian/patches: Add 2001_debian-python-multiarch.patch. Enforce usage of multiarch path for PY_LIB_LOC. (Closes: 766879).

1fe9aa5... by Mike Gabriel

add Forwarded: <URL> for patch 1002

14ae7a5... by Mike Gabriel

Add 1002_dont-install-xsl-files.patch. Stop attempting to install XSL docbook source files into bin:package. (Closes: #770927).

ccfd501... by Vangelis Mouhtsis

debian/control:Fix typo in python-caja-dbg Description.

14fe912... by Mike Gabriel

upload to unstable (debian/1.8.1-1)

1e15dc4... by Mike Gabriel

debian/rules: Provide an empty caja-python/extensions folder (with .placeholder file).

84affef... by Mike Gabriel

debian/patches: Add 1001_multi-arch-libdir-in-pkgconfig.patch. Put multi-arch linker path in caja-python.pc.