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fa3ec0f... by Martin Wimpress 

upload to yakkety (ubuntu/1.15.1-0ubuntu1)

b3a7229... by Martin Wimpress 

debian/watch: Update version matching to support development releases.

2c3faa8... by Martin Wimpress 

debian/control: Dependencies updated for MATE 1.15.

f3da013... by Martin Wimpress 

debian/changelog: New upstream development release.

4f701c7... by Vangelis Mouhtsis

debian/control rules: dbgsym: Don't build dbg:packages anymore. See https://wiki.debian.org/AutomaticDebugPackages.

3895f7b... by Mike Gabriel

upload to unstable (debian/1.14.0-1)

7cc84af... by Mike Gabriel

lintian: Drop unused overrides.

f503062... by Mike Gabriel

Revert "debian/changelog: New upstream release."

This reverts commit 42913b13c3350567b0693198f9ea76f8d6e82592.

8f3bd5d... by Mike Gabriel

debian/control: Bump Standards: to 3.9.8. No changes needed.

76fc08c... by Martin Wimpress 

debian/copyright: Update copyright attributions.