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7ee831e... by Martin Wimpress 

debian/changelog: New upstream release.

0cf2f54... by Martin Wimpress 

debian/changelog: upload to bionic (ubuntu/1.19.0-0ubuntu1)

8bca4d8... by Martin Wimpress 

debian/copyright: Update copyright attributions.

6f09a5d... by Martin Wimpress 

debian/patches: Drop 0001_build-use-correct-macros-to-fix-cross-build.patch. Applied upstream.

c34f951... by Martin Wimpress 

debian/changelog: New upstream release.

fb249b3... by Mike Gabriel

upload to unstable (debian/1.18.0-2)

ff1dc85... by Mike Gabriel

debian/watch: Use secure URL for obtaining upstream sources.

7d67e98... by Mike Gabriel

debian/patches: Add 0001_build-use-correct-macros-to-fix-cross-build.patch. Fix pkg-config originated FTCBFS. (Closes: #886578).

2695f4a... by Vangelis Mouhtsis

debian/control: Temporarily have pkg-mate-team ML under Uploaders:.

54a8b27... by Vangelis Mouhtsis

debian/control: Update Maintainer: field to debian-mate ML on lists.debian.org.