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fe3c3d7... by Martin Wimpress 

debian/copyright: Add copyright attributions for help authors and translators.

978a7ec... by Martin Wimpress 

debian/changelog: correct typo

e48b784... by Martin Wimpress 

debian/changelog: update changelog

471c87b... by Martin Wimpress 

debian/watch: Remove dfsg suffix.

0336ecb... by Martin Wimpress 

debian/rules: Remove dfsg suffix.

ed1b3b6... by Martin Wimpress 

debian/patches: Drop 2001_omit-gfdl-licensed-help-files.patch, mate-user-share help is dfsg compliant.

02f6264... by Martin Wimpress 

debian/mate-user-share-common.install: Add usr/share/help.

543abec... by Martin Wimpress 

debian/control: processed with wrap-and-sort

6ba439e... by Martin Wimpress 

debian/mate-user-share-common.install: processed with wrap-and-sort

bd8a09c... by Martin Wimpress 

debian/changelog: Update to 1.10.0.