Last commit made on 2014-05-05
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6e2fac5... by Mike Gabriel

upload to wheezy-backports (debian/1.8.0+dfsg1-2~bpo70+1)

7ca2c44... by Mike Gabriel

upload to unstable (debian/1.8.0+dfsg1-2)

174b823... by Mike Gabriel

debian/control: Equal is not an allowed version dependency for source:Version deps

38fb75b... by Mike Gabriel

debian/mate-system-monitor-common.install: Drop mate-conf .convert files from package.

44c7d7c... by Mike Gabriel

debian/rules: Fix copy+paste error in tarball repacking code.

a4c3086... by Mike Gabriel

debian/rules: Turn on compiler commands during package build (configure option: --disable-silent-rules).

74e39e1... by Mike Gabriel

debian/rules: Enable parallel builds.

378f642... by Stefano Karapetsas

Fix depends in debian/control

fc5e3e3... by Mike Gabriel

upload to unstable (debian/1.8.0+dfsg1-1)

6e755ab... by Mike Gabriel

update changelog from Git history