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6ddf871... by Martin Wimpress 

debian/changelog; update changelog

0f34d94... by Martin Wimpress 

debian/control: Update mate-power-manager Breaks and Replaces.

17a00d3... by Mike Gabriel

upload to experimental (debian/1.10.2-1~exp1)

3b66520... by Michael Biebl

debian/patches: Prepare for libsystemd-login-dev -> libsystemd-dev transition in Debian stretch. (Closes: #779781).

05a487a... by Mike Gabriel

upload to experimental (debian/1.10.1-1~exp1)

169e1d5... by Mike Gabriel

debian/control: Versioned B-D: mate-common (>= 1.10).

1fd45d2... by Martin Wimpress 

debian/mate-screensaver.install: processed with wrap-and-sort

8ce0b83... by Martin Wimpress 

debian/mate-screensaver-common.install: processed with wrap-and-sort

8c22937... by Martin Wimpress 

debian/copyright: processed with wrap-and-sort

d8f72f9... by Martin Wimpress 

debian/control: processed with wrap-and-sort