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5498107... by Scott Moser on 2019-07-18

Fix bug rendering MTU on bond or vlan when input was netplan.

If input to network_state.parse_net_config_data was netplan (v2 yaml)
then the network state would lose the mtu information on bond or vlan.

LP: #1836949

b3a87fc... by Ryan Harper on 2019-07-17

net: update net sequence, include wait on netdevs, opensuse netrules path

On systems with many interfaces, processing udev events may take a while.
Cloud-init expects devices included in a provided network-configuration
to be present when attempting to configure them. This patch adds a step
in net configuration where it will check for devices provided in the
configuration and if not found, issue udevadm settle commands to wait
for them to appear.

Additionally, the default path for udev persistent network rules
70-persistent-net.rules may also be written to systems which include
the 75-net-generator.rules. During boot, cloud-init and the
generator may race and interleave values causing issues. OpenSUSE
will now use a newer file, 85-persistent-net-cloud-init.rules which
will take precedence over values created by 75-net-generator and
avoid collisions on the same file.

LP: #1817368

060b1a1... by Ryan Harper on 2019-07-17

Release 19.2

Bump the version in cloudinit/version.py to be 19.2 and update ChangeLog.

LP: #1836921

07b1723... by Ryan Harper on 2019-07-16

net: add rfc3442 (classless static routes) to EphemeralDHCP

The EphemeralDHCP context manager did not parse or handle
rfc3442 classless static routes which prevented reading
datasource metadata in some clouds. This branch adds support
for extracting the field from the leases output, parsing the
format and then adding the required iproute2 ip commands to
apply (and teardown) the static routes.

LP: #1821102

1404817... by Ryan Harper on 2019-07-16

templates/ntp.conf.debian.tmpl: fix missing newline for pools

The debian ntp.conf template did not contain a newline for the
comment used to mark the rendered ntp pools configured. This
resulted in an invalid line:

'# poolspool 0.int.pool.ntp.org iburst'

rather than:

'# pools
 pool 0.int.pool.ntp.org iburst'

This patch fixes the template and updates the unittest to
verify that the rendered templates puts servers and pools
at the beginning of a line.

LP: #1836598

a785462... by Conrad Hoffmann on 2019-07-16

Support netplan renderer in Arch Linux

Support is for now implemented in such a way that it will fall back to
the old `_write_network()` if netplan is not available on the image.

a066ccd... by David Medberry on 2019-07-16

Fix typo in publicly viewable documentation.

d9769c4... by Pengpeng Sun on 2019-07-16

Add a cdrom size checker for OVF ds to ds-identify

With a large size ISO file attached to iso dev, ds-identify might
grep it entirely if iso dev is ISO9660, it takes very long time to
start OS.

Resolve this by:

- Adding a checker to read the ISO size (from sysfs). If
the size of the ISO filesystem is > 10MiB then the ISO will be
ignored (logged as oversized).

- Move the ovf vmware guest customization checker to be
ahead of cdrom ovf checker, so no need check the ISO size if vmware
guest customization is enabled.

LP: #1806701

9c47c68... by Xiaofeng Wang on 2019-07-16

VMWare: Trigger the post customization script via cc_scripts module.

cloud-init does not trigger reboots of a VM therefore adding custom
scripts to rc.local does not execute the post scripts. This patch
moves post-scripts into per-instance scripts dir and has cc_scripts
module run the post-scripts.

Also in this branch:
  - Remove the sh interpreter and execute the customization script
  - Update the unit test.

LP: #1833192

a24550a... by Sam Gilson on 2019-07-15

Cloud-init analyze module: Added ability to analyze boot events.

This branch introduces a new command line feature for cloud-init.
Currently, the cloud-init module has the capability to analyze events in
cloud-init.log in three ways: 'show', 'blame', 'dump'.
These changes add a fourth capability, called 'boot'.
Running the command 'cloud-init analyze boot' will provide the user three
1) Timestamp for when the kernel starts initializing.
2) Timestamp for when the kernel finishes its initialization.
3) Timestamp for when systemd activates cloud-init.
This feature enables cloud-init users to analyze different boot phases.
This would aid in debugging performance issues related
to cloud-init startup or tracking regression.