Merge ~pjdc/ubuntu-mirror-charm/+git/ubuntu-mirror-charm:trigger-1stage into ubuntu-mirror-charm:master

Proposed by Paul Collins
Status: Merged
Approved by: Paul Collins
Approved revision: 766557a475d6629f8c6ac64bbbe82b499e9caebf
Merged at revision: 44dcb22b1bd759debe6f98bc5e4de74077b69feb
Proposed branch: ~pjdc/ubuntu-mirror-charm/+git/ubuntu-mirror-charm:trigger-1stage
Merge into: ubuntu-mirror-charm:master
Diff against target: 17 lines (+7/-0)
1 file modified
files/ (+7/-0)
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Haw Loeung +1 Approve
Canonical IS Reviewers Pending
Review via email:

Commit message

implement downstream triggering for

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review: Approve (+1)
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1diff --git a/files/ b/files/
2index 6348aa1..0f97175 100755
3--- a/files/
4+++ b/files/
5@@ -76,5 +76,12 @@ rsync --verbose --recursive --times --links --hard-links \
7 install -d "${DEST_DIR}/.trace/"
8 date -u > "${DEST_DIR}/.trace/${role}-${myhostname}"
10+if [ -n "${DOWNSTREAM_MIRRORS}" -a -n "${TRIGGER_KEYFILE}" ]; then
11+ t=15m
12+ log "== Triggering downstream mirrors (will give up after $t) =="
16 savelog ${logfile} > /dev/null 2>&1
17 rm -f ${lockpath} > /dev/null 2>&1


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