Last commit made on 2020-06-10
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e2c9414... by Paul Collins

enable autolink plugin

224549b... by Paul Collins

add giphy plugin

Reviewed-on: https://code.launchpad.net/~pjdc/charm-k8s-mattermost/+git/image-build/+merge/385443
Reviewed-by: Alexandre Gomes <email address hidden>

368e385... by Paul Collins

add giphy plugin

c83e0f7... by Paul Collins

set WORKDIR /mattermost

Mattermost tries to open some relative paths, e.g. "./client/plugins".

0b00164... by Paul Collins

cut down to bare minimum

Image now uses default port 8065 (charm updated to match).
We no longer create a default config. Instead, set MM_CONFIG
to point to a suitable database, and go from there.

2adeef8... by Paul Collins

ensure config.json is writable by mattermost

f805f40... by Paul Collins

do not use a login shell, because we need the environment

ebb794c... by Paul Collins

switch default user to root so that Juju can upgrade charms (LP:1879598)

a9e43c9... by Paul Collins

rename the Dockerfile to Dockerfile

If nothing else, it is absolutely not YAML!

da8456a... by Canonical IS Robot

another trivial update to README