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ddeeae7... by Paul Broadhead

Fix issue for manged windows if resolution changed before client restart.
If you changed the video mode by editing the el.ini file, the managed
windows code did not handle the change properly. This was a know
issues to be fixed once we were using json files and more state could be
saved. I forgot. The issue showed up for the Android client more easily, if
you close the client with one orientation and restarted with another. The
fix is to save the position ratios and the closing main window size and
adjust as needed on start-up.

b2ea5a8... by Paul Broadhead

Fix Android not displaying the last line for multi-select options.
The fault showed because of the increase spacing between option lines
but this just exposed the underlying bug. The scroll-bar increment
was not being calculated correctly, neither was the button height. The
widget code does not have the information to calculate the scroll inc.
The options window code now uses the same height calculation as the
widget to calculate the button height. Added a new widget function, to
set the scroll increment. A sensible default value applies if not used.

9d6124b... by =?utf-8?q?G=C3=A9_Vissers?= <email address hidden>

Add missing call to glEnd() in the map editor

d1d0681... by Paul Broadhead

Automatically down-scale the new character hud.
For some resolutions, particular on Android, the
new character controls dis not fix on screen. Trap
this issue and downscale as needed.

3081efa... by Paul Broadhead

Fix new character hud not resizing sometimes.

cae2be4... by Paul Broadhead

Fix chat startup resize issues for some combinations of chat.

7e3c821... by Paul Broadhead

Allow x offset for input char.
This will be used by ANDROID these changes simply the change.
Also fixed setting chat option when closing windows chat.

61fdc8b... by Paul Broadhead

Fix calculation that limited width used for login screen rules window.

8f6f62d... by Paul Broadhead

Fix resizing of the language select window.
When the root window size changes, the language select window
now resizes too. Also fixed calculation for when desired zoom
does not fit the window.

e36f36b... by Paul Broadhead

Switch snap back to 195 data as 196 release still pending.