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Martin Pitt (pitti) wrote :

> The only thing I would address in this MP is the test runner used. I believe we should be using autopilot,

I actually tried that first as it seems more natural. It doesn't seem to have a discovery mode, and if I naively try

$ autopilot run tests/autopilot/tests
ImportError: Import by filename is not supported.

$ autopilot run tests.autopilot.tests
ImportError: No module named tests

Apparently one would need some there? NB that I didn't invent this rather deep tests/autopilot/tests/ hierarchy, that was already there. (I'd just put everything into tests/ directly, ap-gtk isn't going to have a terribly huge test suite).

What we could do is

$ cd tests/autopilot; GTK_PATH=../../lib/ autopilot run tests

That works, but would look a bit ugly in CMakeList (as that's just a program to run, not a shell command). I used what autopilot itself uses in debian/rules, but if you prefer calling autopilot run, I'm happy to move all files to tests/ directoy, and just call "autopilot run tests" instead?

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