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6f98787... by Cameron White on 2015-03-01

Pull in updated translations.

860c4ee... by Cameron White on 2015-03-01

Use Mono.Addins 1.0 on Windows.

This fixes some issues with running add-ins compiled against 1.0

c332e66... by Cameron White on 2015-02-28

Disable printing for Pinta 1.6, since it's not ready yet.

36c5a9a... by Cameron White on 2015-02-28

Update the list of contributors.

436fddc... by Cameron White on 2015-02-28

Fix #1426674 - Don't create a history item if no finalization is needed.

This works around issues where new history items could be created in the
process of undoing, since setting the active layer forces tools to
commit their work.

A proper fix is to figure out a better alternative to having the curve
tool commit its work whenever the current layer/document is changed (see
bug #1425222)

0dfe24d... by Cameron White on 2015-02-26

Fix #1424636 - Fix undo issues with selections.

- We just need to unhide the tool layer (which is updated by the
updateHandler() call), instead of calling ReDraw (which rebuilds the
selection and requires a subsequent call to

- The selection's origin needs to be updated when the mouse up event is
received. This led to undo issues for selections that were adjusted with
one of the handles on the left.

0a971ab... by Cameron White on 2015-02-26

Fix unused variable warning.

f96dc21... by Cameron White on 2015-02-26

Merge pull request #90 from jpobst/bug-1424332

Fix #1424332 - Make New Image dialog resize correctly for long translate...

41c8abe... by Jonathan Pobst on 2015-02-25

Right align labels so they still line up with long translated strings.

2a0dcd5... by Cameron White on 2015-02-25

Fix #1424329 - Allow text size changes to take effect immediately.