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3f7ccfa... by Cameron White on 2012-09-26

Revert "Try disabling the font previews to fix bug #696293."

This reverts commit 7f4512912ba2375c1f8fc9ee15ee538503336e8c.

7f45129... by Cameron White on 2012-09-25

Try disabling the font previews to fix bug #696293.

a78f47b... by Cameron White on 2012-09-23

Fix incorrect output path for Release builds of extensions.

f8241af... by Cameron White on 2012-09-22

Pull in the latest translations from Launchpad.

85b1bc3... by Cameron White on 2012-09-22

Update the contributors list for Pinta 1.4.

f676fb8... by John Burak <email address hidden> on 2012-09-22

Check for GTK# and .Net 4.0 in the Windows installer

Registry searches are done during a standard action called "AppSearch".
AppSearch was running after LaunchConditions, so the condition didn't
have a value for the GTKSHARPVERSION property.

0c73369... by Cameron White on 2012-09-16

[Fixes bugs #724982, #606240] Fix issues with partially missing selections.

The canvas offset was being used in addition to the layer offset when
rendering a selection that was translated by the Move Pixels tool.

This causes issues once the canvas is zoomed in and the canvas offset
is non-zero, because the selection appears to be shifted and partially
(or entirely) missing.

8912ae8... by Cameron White on 2012-09-15

[Fixes bug #984573] Commit current tool's actions when switching layers.

1c16948... by Cameron White on 2012-09-15

[Fixes bug #1006753] Bundle ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll with Mac builds.

9e921f0... by Andrew Davis on 2012-09-14

[Fixes bug #1036041] Fix Ctrl+Z shortcut for the text tool when the
history list is empty.

This was originally fixed in pull request #34 but was part of a
large commit related to re-editable text, so I'm merging this in
separately since this bug is targeted for v1.4.