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13d01db... by Cameron White on 2012-04-21

Updated the Wix build file for the Pinta 1.2 release and new translations.

68684b0... by Cameron White on 2012-04-01

Added all of the newly translated languages to the build.

b36e734... by Cameron White on 2012-04-01

Pulled the latest translations from Launchpad.

bc0a4d2... by Cameron White on 2012-04-01

Updated contributors list for Pinta 1.2

c964e7c... by Robert Nordan on 2012-03-15

Fix 892935: Canvas updates size prop. after resize

Switched the order of getting current scale and changing image size to
new size. Probably erroneously, the method was getting the current scale
after it had already had changed image size and thereby scale.

5765d73... by Cameron White on 2012-02-29

[Fixes bug #889733] Enable a default <Enter> action for the Levels dialog

- Had to add the bottom widgets to the ActionArea for DefaultResponse to work

aa8647d... by Cameron White on 2012-02-26

[Fixes bug #889733] Set the OK button to be the default action in all dialogs.

eaf7c4f... by Mikhail Makarov on 2012-02-07

Fix for bug #855338 by adding doc.ResetSelectionPath ().

89c3cd2... by Robert Nordan on 2012-02-06

Fix for #901712, enforces minumum canvas size

Prevents a breakdown of canvas where size would be set to 0 because of
zooming too far out on a small image. You can now no longer zoom so far
out that the canvas becomes smaller than 1 px wide or high.

569611a... by Cameron White on 2012-01-31

Merge pull request #12 from Fitoschido/patch-1

[Fixes bug #683242] Add an additional space before …,