Last commit made on 2011-11-18
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3de1ca0... by Robert Nordan on 2011-11-18

Workaround for Stock.Close not being found on Mac

4bb4466... by Robert Nordan on 2011-10-26

Changed wix so that Windows Install would work (disabled gtk# check)

001a971... by Cameron White on 2011-10-12

Remove Mono 2.8 version check

- earlier versions of Mono are supported for this release

99e6f8e... by Cameron White on 2011-10-12

Update contributors list for the next release

a3abaed... by Cameron White on 2011-10-09

Fix incorrect version number in the About dialog

2666271... by Cameron White on 2011-10-08

Pull latest translations from Launchpad

9de2232... by Cameron White on 2011-09-29

Updated link to future ideas page

51c913b... by Cameron White on 2011-09-28

Update messages.pot with string changes from recent commits

aaa34c7... by beajeanm on 2011-09-24

[Fixes bug #704265] Use lower case andipper case in the fileFilter.

This will not solve all possible issues (file with no extension, or with a
funny PnG) but it will at least solve the more important one of having
the extension un upper case.

e5923b1... by Cameron White on 2011-09-25

Prevent endless looping if "Zoom to Window" is called on a small image
that is already at its actual size