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dfb92be... by Cameron White on 2021-03-24

Merge pull request #186 from City-busz/patch-1

Install appdata into /usr/share/metainfo/ directory

67dbae0... by Balló György on 2021-03-24

Install appdata into /usr/share/metainfo/ directory

/usr/share/appdata/ is the legacy path. See:

30af578... by nikita-yfh <email address hidden> on 2021-03-21

Update ResizeCanvasDialog.cs (#184)

* Update ResizeCanvasDialog.cs

Сonstant aspect ratio is disabled by default, default anchor position moved to NW, changed default size from percent to absolute

* Update ResizeCanvasDialog.cs

Moved the percent resize type above; removed the commented-out line

fb8946a... by Cameron White on 2021-03-20

Merge pull request #185 from nikita-yfh/patch-3

Update ResizeImageDialog.cs

3e2d7b7... by nikita-yfh <email address hidden> on 2021-03-20

Update ResizeImageDialog.cs

Changed default resize mode from percent to absolute

6688588... by Cameron White on 2021-01-23

Merge pull request #180 from dandv/patch-1

SEO for reporting issues, since GitHub users are familiar with the "Issues" tab

f21ac57... by Dan Dascalescu <email address hidden> on 2021-01-23

SEO for reporting issues

aaae608... by Cameron White on 2020-12-31

Fix a regression from d58ab5b2.

The re-editable tools can adjust the history after saving (e.g. undoing a "Finalize" history item that was done when committing the changes), so we need to carefully ensure that the document isn't stuck in a dirty state immediately after saving.

Fixes: 1909752
(cherry picked from commit 96304cbb8a6081141e936a5d093cc795aeef03f1)

dac0ae1... by Cameron White on 2020-12-29

Cherry-pick abc78c3ef from the GTK3 branch.

 Further fixes to the palette key handling.

- Include the meta (Command) key in FilterModifierKeys() since this is now used on macOS in the GTK3 build for common shortcuts like Cmd+X
- Check that there aren't any modifier keys when checking whether X was pressed.

Fixes: 1909595

ddbf963... by Cameron White on 2020-12-29

Cherry-pick 7bd148fe from the GTK3 branch.

 Fix a couple issues with 3915f8e:

When typing in the text tool and pressing 'X', this would also be handled by the palette instead of letting the key press be consumed by the text tool.
Also, pressing X didn't have any effect when there weren't any open documents, since it was being handled by the canvas widget.

The key event is now handled on key down, for consistency with the shortcuts for switching between tools.