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67fbb66... by Pierre Equoy

Remove: xorg jobs from graphics test plans

Ubuntu 22.04 uses Wayland by default, so calling xorg-related jobs
generated failed results. In addition, these xorg jobs do not provide
useful information.

LP: #1968842

3071461... by Ubuntu <email address hidden>

Merge #423627 from ~kissiel/plainbox-provider-checkbox:delay-zapperized-usb-manipulation

613db51... by Maciej Kisielewski

assign categories to the zapperized usb tests

ef59fb2... by Maciej Kisielewski

delay zapperized insertion/removal for 5s

Previously the command to connect or disconnect the USB device was sent
almost at the same time that removable_watcher started waiting for that
change to take place. This meant that there was a big chance for that
action to happen _before_ the test could observe the change.

This patch introduces a delay (with a background thread) that calls
Zapper after 5 seconds from starting the observation. The whole test is
programmed to wait for 20s, so the delay doesn't change the duration of
the test. It's also not some fixing-race-conditions-with-random-sleeps
kind of fix.

58eb482... by Ubuntu <email address hidden>

Merge #423556 from ~mreed8855/plainbox-provider-checkbox:remove_uvt

The kvm virtualization test using the uvtool has been deprecated. I have removed the remaining code.

04417fd... by Michael Reed

Removing the uvt-kvm test in jobs.pxu

Removing uvt-kvm in virtualization.py

92397e7... by Ubuntu <email address hidden>

Merge #420282 from ~mreed8855/plainbox-provider-checkbox:lxd-vm-virtualization_2

Adding a test to start and verify virtual machines using lxd. This is replacing the older MP


This is related to the following MP:


6f10dd7... by Yao Wei

Merge branch 'fix-ssid-colon'

MP: https://code.launchpad.net/~medicalwei/plainbox-provider-checkbox/+git/plainbox-provider-checkbox/+merge/413392

d4a81eb... by Ubuntu <email address hidden>

Merge #421208 from ~kissiel/plainbox-provider-checkbox:zapperized-usb-insert-and-removal

a341eb9... by Maciej Kisielewski

fix: PEP8 issues