Merge ~pieq/plainbox-provider-checkbox:fix-xorg-jobs-still-being-pulled into plainbox-provider-checkbox:master

Proposed by Pierre Equoy
Status: Merged
Approved by: Pierre Equoy
Approved revision: 867b43f036e1572bf03a531e14d3ddf50a224f65
Merged at revision: 0bc1f6761099d405269e19b121e5c3250fce5fe5
Proposed branch: ~pieq/plainbox-provider-checkbox:fix-xorg-jobs-still-being-pulled
Merge into: plainbox-provider-checkbox:master
Diff against target: 20 lines (+0/-2)
1 file modified
units/graphics/jobs.pxu (+0/-2)
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Sylvain Pineau Approve
Bin Li Approve
Review via email:

Description of the change

Before applying this patch:

checkbox-cli list-bootstrapped | grep xorg

After applying the patch:

checkbox-cli list-bootstrapped | grep xorg

This is because the rotation and resolution change jobs were still relying on xorg-version, which was itself depending on xorg-process.

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Bin Li (binli) wrote :

After test, it works, and the Xorg's jobs was gone in sutton-cli. Thanks!

review: Approve
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Sylvain Pineau (sylvain-pineau) wrote :


review: Approve

Preview Diff

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1diff --git a/units/graphics/jobs.pxu b/units/graphics/jobs.pxu
2index 8206f1a..d9814c7 100644
3--- a/units/graphics/jobs.pxu
4+++ b/units/graphics/jobs.pxu
5@@ -43,7 +43,6 @@ template-resource: graphics_card
6 plugin: manual
7 category_id: com.canonical.plainbox::graphics
8 id: graphics/{index}_resolution-change_{product_slug}
9-depends: graphics/xorg-version
10 _summary: Test changing resolution for {vendor} {product}
11 _description:
13@@ -236,7 +235,6 @@ template-filter: graphics_card.prime_gpu_offload == 'Off'
14 plugin: user-interact-verify
15 category_id: com.canonical.plainbox::graphics
16 id: graphics/{index}_rotation_{product_slug}
17-depends: graphics/xorg-version
18 command:
19 # shellcheck disable=SC1091
20 source {driver} {index}


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