Merge ~pieq/plainbox-provider-certification-client:fix1715592-touchpad-jobs into plainbox-provider-certification-client:master

Proposed by Pierre Equoy
Status: Merged
Approved by: Sylvain Pineau
Approved revision: c8e4bba6c3885fa57f84b0b666952a472c7101fd
Merged at revision: 4e376a2eec2ed3e59c95c161014d443c5c7bc821
Proposed branch: ~pieq/plainbox-provider-certification-client:fix1715592-touchpad-jobs
Merge into: plainbox-provider-certification-client:master
Diff against target: 116 lines (+104/-0)
2 files modified
launcher/checkbox-touchpad (+16/-0)
units/touchpad.pxu (+88/-0)
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Maciej Kisielewski Needs Information
Sylvain Pineau Approve
Review via email:

Description of the change

Test plan and launcher for Touchpad-related tests.

To test, run the `checkbox-touchpad` launcher. It's an automatic one that will select and run the touchpad.pxu test plan and save the submission files on disk.

This MR requires the following changes in the Checkox provider:

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Sylvain Pineau (sylvain-pineau) wrote :

Looks good to me, +1

review: Approve
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Maciej Kisielewski (kissiel) wrote :

Why the resource-y jobs are in include instead of the boostrap_include?

review: Needs Information
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Pierre Equoy (pieq) wrote :

Good question. This test plan is based off the Certification Client test plan. I was actually wondering whether or not to keep these jobs and decided to leave them there (instead of deleting them completely) in order to gather more information in the final submission file that could be useful for us to investigate issues when an OEM reports problems when testing touchpads using Checkbox and this test plan.

If you think a rework is needed for this, we should do it and also "backport" these changes into the Cert Client test plan.

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Maciej Kisielewski (kissiel) wrote :

I don't think rework is necessary, I just wanted to understand why it's that way. Thanks!

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1diff --git a/launcher/checkbox-touchpad b/launcher/checkbox-touchpad
2new file mode 100755
3index 0000000..01b70ce
4--- /dev/null
5+++ b/launcher/checkbox-touchpad
6@@ -0,0 +1,16 @@
7+#!/usr/bin/env checkbox-cli
9+# This Checkbox launcher automatically selects and run touchpad-related jobs
10+# and saves the submission files for later analysis.
13+app_id = com.canonical.certification:touchpad
14+launcher_version = 1
15+stock_reports = text, submission_files
17+[test plan]
18+unit = com.canonical.certification::touchpad
19+forced = yes
21+[test selection]
22+forced = yes
23diff --git a/units/touchpad.pxu b/units/touchpad.pxu
24new file mode 100644
25index 0000000..a3f362f
26--- /dev/null
27+++ b/units/touchpad.pxu
28@@ -0,0 +1,88 @@
29+id: touchpad
30+_name: Touchpad Tests
31+unit: test plan
33+ This test plan is used for customers and independent hardware vendors (IHV)
34+ to test and verify the behavior of touchpads on tested devices.
36+ # Resource Jobs (Not used by templates jobs)
37+ block_device
38+ cdimage
39+ cpuinfo
40+ dmi
41+ dpkg
42+ efi
43+ environment
44+ lsb
45+ meminfo
46+ module
47+ package
48+ rtc
49+ sleep
50+ uname
51+ usb
52+ xinput
53+ # END Resource Jobs
54+ touchpad/basic certification-status=blocker
55+ touchpad/detected-as-mouse certification-status=blocker
56+ touchpad/palm-rejection certification-status=non-blocker
57+ touchpad/continuous-move certification-status=blocker
58+ touchpad/horizontal certification-status=blocker
59+ touchpad/vertical certification-status=blocker
60+ touchpad/singletouch-automated certification-status=blocker
61+ touchpad/singletouch-selection certification-status=blocker
62+ touchpad/drag-and-drop certification-status=blocker
63+ touchpad/multitouch-automated certification-status=blocker
64+ touchpad/multitouch-manual certification-status=blocker
65+ touchpad/multitouch-rightclick certification-status=blocker
66+ touchpad/multitouch-horizontal certification-status=blocker
67+ touchpad/multitouch-vertical certification-status=blocker
68+ touchpad/multitouch-dash certification-status=non-blocker
69+ # Touchpad tests after suspend
70+ touchpad/basic-after-suspend certification-status=blocker
71+ touchpad/detected-as-mouse-after-suspend certification-status=blocker
72+ touchpad/palm-rejection-after-suspend certification-status=non-blocker
73+ touchpad/continuous-move-after-suspend certification-status=blocker
74+ touchpad/horizontal-after-suspend certification-status=blocker
75+ touchpad/vertical-after-suspend certification-status=blocker
76+ touchpad/singletouch-automated-after-suspend certification-status=blocker
77+ touchpad/singletouch-selection-after-suspend certification-status=blocker
78+ touchpad/drag-and-drop-after-suspend certification-status=blocker
79+ touchpad/multitouch-automated-after-suspend certification-status=blocker
80+ touchpad/multitouch-manual-after-suspend certification-status=blocker
81+ touchpad/multitouch-rightclick-after-suspend certification-status=blocker
82+ touchpad/multitouch-horizontal-after-suspend certification-status=blocker
83+ touchpad/multitouch-vertical-after-suspend certification-status=blocker
84+ touchpad/multitouch-dash-after-suspend certification-status=non-blocker
85+ #Info attachment jobs
86+ codecs_attachment
87+ cpuinfo_attachment
88+ dmesg_attachment
89+ dmi_attachment
90+ dmidecode_attachment
91+ efi_attachment
92+ lspci_attachment
93+ lspci_standard_config_attachment
94+ lsusb_attachment
95+ kernel_cmdline_attachment
96+ meminfo_attachment
97+ modinfo_attachment
98+ modprobe_attachment
99+ modules_attachment
100+ sysctl_attachment
101+ sysfs_attachment
102+ udev_attachment
103+ recovery_info_attachment
104+ dell_bto_xml_attachment
105+ lsmod_attachment
106+ dkms_info_attachment
107+ acpi_sleep_attachment
108+ info/hdparm_.*.txt
109+ installer_debug.gz
110+ info/touchpad_driver
111+ info/disk_partitions
113+ device
115+ # Meta-job to include required resources, don't remove.
116+ miscellanea/submission-resources


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