Merge ~pieq/plainbox-provider-certification-client/+git/packaging:master into ~checkbox-dev/plainbox-provider-certification-client/+git/packaging:master

Proposed by Pierre Equoy
Status: Merged
Approved by: Pierre Equoy
Approved revision: 29fc6bdd4998609f59372f8f9caaf9bdc6038d86
Merged at revision: 29fc6bdd4998609f59372f8f9caaf9bdc6038d86
Proposed branch: ~pieq/plainbox-provider-certification-client/+git/packaging:master
Merge into: ~checkbox-dev/plainbox-provider-certification-client/+git/packaging:master
Diff against target: 27 lines (+1/-5)
1 file modified
debian/control (+1/-5)
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Pierre Equoy Approve
Review via email:

Description of the change

Remove unnecessary dependencies.

In order to test, the best way is to create a package locally (or, as I did, using a personal PPA such as [1] and building on Launchpad using a recipe such as [2]), then install this package somewhere and make sure the usual test plans (certification client, OEM test plans, etc.) can run without regressions or problems.


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Pierre Equoy (pieq) wrote :

Auto-approved since it's a similar change to another MP that has been approved already.

review: Approve

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1diff --git a/debian/control b/debian/control
2index ea5fd8e..1d51005 100644
3--- a/debian/control
4+++ b/debian/control
5@@ -24,8 +24,7 @@ Depends: plainbox-provider-checkbox (>= 0.27~),
6 plainbox-provider-tpm2,
7 python3-plainbox (>= 0.27~),
8 ${misc:Depends}
9-Recommends: bootchart,
10- ethtool,
11+Recommends: ethtool,
12 fswebcam,
13 fwts (>= 16.02.00-0ubuntu1~),
14 glmark2,
15@@ -36,12 +35,9 @@ Recommends: bootchart,
16 iw,
17 mesa-utils,
18 obexftp,
19- plainbox-glmark2-es2-meta (>= ${source:Version}),
20- python-compizconfig,
21 qmlscene,
22 render-bench,
23 shutter,
24- sox,
25 stress,
26 wmctrl
27 Description: Client Certification provider for Plainbox


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