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5df537e... by William Desportes on 2020-10-23

Add d/changelog entry

51983fd... by William Desportes on 2020-10-23

Allow tests to output in stderr

"PHP Notice: ob_end_clean(): failed to delete buffer. No buffer to delete in /tmp/autopkgtest-lxc.wl174akc/downtmp/build.Qab/src/libraries/OutputBuffering.php on line 110"

36e3dfb... by William Desportes on 2020-10-23

Add autopkgtests and disable selenium tests

fe02646... by William Desportes on 2020-10-23

Activate autopkgtests

9804f81... by Michal Čihař on 2017-07-10

Fix open_basedir setting for PHP 7 (Closes: #867882).

e3a00c0... by Matthias Blümel on 2019-07-22

set uploaders according to #6 and fix Vcs-Browser

Closes: #6

60ff9ff... by Felipe Sateler on 2019-06-16

Set phpMyAdmin team as Maintainer

5afb001... by Felipe Sateler on 2019-11-06

Add debian branch config to gbp.conf

Gbp-Dch: ignore

653c8ad... by William Desportes on 2019-09-17

Add debian gitlab pipelines config



Disable reprotest and autopkgtest

d23f4ca... by Juri Grabowski <email address hidden> on 2019-06-23

Fix Vcs- URLs