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be2c74d... by Matthias Bl├╝mel on 2019-10-29

include jessie-security repo as workaround for piuparts bug in gitlab-ci

83c3310... by William Desportes on 2019-08-05

Fix Vcs- URLs

8d77b8d... by William Desportes on 2019-06-26

Add debian gitlab pipelines config



1c27e60... by William Desportes on 2019-11-06

Set new Uploaders in debian control file

065054c... by Felipe Sateler on 2019-06-16

Set phpMyAdmin team as Maintainer

b667df6... by Felipe Sateler on 2019-11-06

Add debian branch config to gbp.conf

Gbp-Dch: ignore

24e0946... by Emilio Pozuelo Monfort <email address hidden> on 2020-11-10

Update CVE-2016-6606-CVE-2016-6629.patch

- Don't check for pma_mcrypt_iv cookie
- Don't reset $data to the wrong value in blowfishDecrypt

e731635... by Emilio Pozuelo Monfort <email address hidden> on 2020-11-03

Backport various security fixes

7879f2d... by William Desportes on 2020-03-22

Add one more d/changelog for 4:4.2.12-2+deb8u9

a58b1aa... by William Desportes on 2020-03-22

Patch for PMASA-2020-4, CVE-2020-10803