Code review comment for lp:~philip-peitsch/bzr/annotate-ghost-revs

Martin Pool (mbp) wrote :

On 8 June 2010 07:19, John Arbash Meinel <email address hidden> wrote:
> If you need more history, you can just create another revision (with a
> new file text), etc.
> This seems like something that would be good to put on a low-level
> class, so that we can test ghosts at various levels easily. Mostly
> because creating a ghost is ugly/difficult enough, that it is probably
> best as a helper function.
> Maybe Martin has a good idea of how to put it into a Factory setting.

I'd like to. My next step there is to take some of Robert & others'
feedback on my previous attempt and to turn that into a patch to
testtools (from whence our base TestCase comes) that sets the standard

For now I would suggest you just factor it out into a function or
method on whichever class wants to use it.


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