Created by Leonardo Robol on 2011-09-16 and last modified on 2018-07-06


This recipe builds the daily packages of Clinica from trunk, with all the new features that are being introduced.
This is likely to produce beta quality build, since no particular checking is done before pushing to trunk.
Try to use the packages in the stable branch if you want something more robust.

Note: If you want to switch to the stable packages, please manually remove this ones. While simply installing the others may work, we do not check that it always does.

Recipe information

Build schedule: (?)
Built daily
PHC Team
Base source:
Debian version:
Daily build archive:
Clinica daily
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Recipe contents

# bzr-builder format 0.3 deb-version 0.2.9+bzr{time}
nest-part debian lp:~phcteam/clinica-project/debian debian debian