Last commit made on 2015-01-17
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c1dd59b... by andrejv on 2015-01-17

Fix plot3d with xmaxima format.

216f036... by andrejv on 2015-01-15

Add a link to the script for building an installer.

15a7e38... by andrejv on 2015-01-14

Update install instructions for windows.

f85125d... by andrejv on 2015-01-13

Make language packs optional.

7d6d713... by andrejv on 2015-01-13

Update tclkitsh download instructions.

d654415... by andrejv on 2015-01-13

Update tcltksh and tcltk download info.

58cd375... by andrejv on 2015-01-13

mapc -> mapcar

813ceb7... by andrejv on 2015-01-12

wxMaxima links are not installed.

c616836... by andrejv on 2015-01-11

Add lisp to installer name.

b6394f2... by andrejv on 2015-01-10

Catch return-from-debugger in initialize-runtime-globals

We bind *debugger-hook* to maxima-lisp-debugger which throws return-from-debugger. Sometimes this gets thrown in load-primary-index.