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65dc61b... by Rupert Swarbrick on 2013-12-04

Add a contrib package to warn on non-decimal ibase

Basically, I made a right idiot of myself at work this morning because I
had ibase: 16 from some hex calculations that I'd done the previous
evening. This package should stop me making the same mistake again, and
hopefully the plumbing that makes it work should be useful for other
users too.

c89d1cd... by Rupert Swarbrick on 2013-12-03

Add a configurable notes field to input prompt

This interface is documented in Command.texi (and is up for
discussion!), but it's to allow a user to add a "reminder". My personal
use case is in the next commit, but I wanted to make this general enough
to be useful (and to belong in /src!)

e2400e5... by Rupert Swarbrick on 2013-12-12

Revert prompt-related commits

See email thread starting at:


This doesn't revert the first commit, which seems to have general consensus.

3066cbd... by Jaime Villate on 2013-12-11

Complete migration of plot options into a Lisp property list

This completes the migration from the old global variable $plot_options to a global variable *plot-options*, which had been started several years ago. This new method makes it easier to maintain and add new plot options. Maxima functions get_plot_option and set_plot_option continue to work and get_plot_option can now be called without any arguments, giving the list of all active options.

From a lisp program, it is more convenient to use (getf *plot-options* :option-name) to get the value of an option, (setf (getf *plot-options* :name) new-value) to set an option value and (remf *plot-options* :name) to remove options. All options passed to a plotting program can also be given to program plot-options-parser which will check that they are known and valid options and add them to the list of options.

The major difference with the old method is that users can no longer change the options directly by changing the value of plot_options, but they have to use set_plot_option. This will prevent the creation of malformed plot_options variables. The global variable plot_options has been kept, with a minimal content, to avoid failure of external packages that might use it, but none of the plotting packages in Maxima are using it.

This is a large commit, but the use of $plot_options was so extended that it was no possible to do it in smaller commits. I have tested with all the figures in the plotting chapter of the manual, using 3 different Lisp flavors.

425164c... by David Billinghurst <email address hidden> on 2013-12-10

On windows platforms, add path to gnuplot if required.

This is a bit of a hack, but mgnuplot isn't that pretty anyway.
On windows, check to see if gnuplot is in the path. If not,
then assume that we are runing as part of the windows installer package
and set the path relative to the mgnuplot.exe executable.

Setting PATH here is the least worst solution I could find.

912b6af... by David Billinghurst <email address hidden> on 2013-12-10

Build and install mgnuplot.exe under windows.

At present, this is conditional on configure --enable-xmaxima-exe

4f94989... by David Billinghurst <email address hidden> on 2013-12-10

Move comment

499f94e... by David Billinghurst <email address hidden> on 2013-12-10

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.code.sf.net/p/maxima/code

4a81e71... by David Billinghurst <email address hidden> on 2013-12-10

Replace exec with tcl native commands (for Windows port).

There were to uses of exec that call unix commands. This doesn't
work on windows so uses native tcl equivalents.

aff10c4... by Volker van Nek <email address hidden> on 2013-12-09

fix: gf-cminus-b, gf-prim-p. Last commit was also: revise: zn-dlog, gf-primpoly, gf-primpoly-p, gf-minpoly. introduce: lookup-addition via Zech logs, generalized Jacobi-symbol.