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ee563df... by Raymond Toy <email address hidden> on 2019-05-06

Merge branch 'master' into new-gentran

bff9bf3... by PeterPall on 2019-05-05

Windows Installer: Updated the wxMaxima version number.

be22a11... by PeterPall on 2019-05-04

ChangeLog/Windows installer: Remove wxMaxima's version number

For maxima's changeLog it should be sufficient to tell that the
wxMaxima contained in the maxima windows installer was updated
to a new version.

1d2d548... by PeterPall on 2019-05-04

Updated the ChangeLog.

The only user-visible change to maxima's source code since the last
ChangeLog update was the addition of share/logic/Ksimplifier.lisp
via Merge Request #10

bcdc50c... by PeterPall on 2019-05-03

Windows installer: Updated the wxMaxima version number

4cd365e... by Kris Katterjohn on 2019-05-03

Remove some unused functions

This removes the unused functions NPRINC*, NEW-COMMENT-LINE and
PRINT-MODULE that were previously used by the translator. The
last uses of NEW-COMMENT-LINE and PRINT-MODULE were removed in
commit 11be1c1f in 2011. NPRINC* was only used in PRINT-MODULE.

28a8d11... by Kris Katterjohn on 2019-05-03

Remove a comment about old code

The comment refers to the Maclisp pretty printer SPRINTER.

No functional changes.

3c038bc... by Wolfgang Dautermann <email address hidden> on 2019-05-03

Nightly test: update sbcl

a29c40a... by Kris Katterjohn on 2019-05-03

Remove the obsolete STATE-PDL special variable

As the names implies, STATE-PDL was a stack representing state. In
Macsyma there were different symbols that would be pushed onto this
stack to represent what was going on at the time. Some examples
MACSYMA-BREAK and LISP-BREAK. Then other code would check what was
on this stack and conditionally perform some tasks based on what it

This stack does not serve any useful purpose now. Besides the
initial value of LISP-TOPLEVEL, only PLAYBACK could be pushed onto
the stack (but nothing checks for it) and only EDIT would be checked
for (but nothing pushes it). Other code used to check for PLAYBACK
and the old MEDIT module used to push EDIT.

No problems with the test suite or share test suite.

Here are some examples on an old Macsyma:

(C1) ?print (?state\-pdl)$

(C2) break ()$
MACSYMA-BREAK (Type EXIT; to exit.)
_?print (?state\-pdl)$
Exited from the break
Computation continuing.

(C3) to_lisp ()$
QUIT (Into LISP. Type control-G to get to MACSYMA.)

* state-pdl

09fa082... by PeterPall on 2019-05-02

Manual: Documented that "number" may not be an allowed variable mode.