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15. By Peter Pearse on 2011-03-10

For cross builds search for libgpg-error in cross install directories, not system ones.

14. By Simon Josefsson on 2010-05-20

New upstream version.

13. By Simon Josefsson on 2010-04-14

[ Simon Josefsson ]
* New upstream version.
  - Fixes rpl_stat build issue. (closes: #566748)
* shishi-kdc.init.d: Reorder configuration file reading so that
  users can override $DAEMON.
* Switch to dpkg-source 3.0 (quilt) format.
  - No package changes needed.
* Call dpkg-gensymbols with -c4 for more checking.
* Use --with-packager parameters to add Debian-specific info to
  gss --help and --version outputs.

12. By Simon Josefsson on 2009-10-06

[ Simon Josefsson ]
* Update to policy 3.8.3, no package changes required.
* Made shishi-kdc suggest shisa, typical KDCs will need it.
* Fix shishi-kdc's init.d script. (closes: #542112)
  - Fix Default-Start/Default-Stop in shishi-kdc's init.d script,
    patch from Petter Reinholdtsen <email address hidden>.
  - Make sure upgrades from earlier shishi-kdc packages have the
    correct start/kill symlinks, patch from Petter Reinholdtsen
    <email address hidden>.
* Add $time to Request-Start/Stop because a KDC needs proper time.

11. By Simon Josefsson on 2009-04-03

[ Simon Josefsson ]
* New upstream version.
  - The manual is now licensed under GFDLv1.3+.
* Update copyright file for manual license.
* Update copyright file to follow the format specified in
* Update URL in watch file (moved from josefsson.org to alpha.gnu.org).
* Add Depends: ${misc:Depends} to fix
  lintian debhelper-but-no-misc-depends warning.
* Add *.symbol versioning files for libshishi and libshisa.
* Update to policy 3.8.1, no package changes required.
* Change section of "shishi-dbg" to "debug" from "libdevel",
  and "libpam-shishi" to "admin" from "net", as per

10. By Steve Kowalik on 2008-10-11

No-change rebuild for libgnutls13 -> libgnutls26 transistion.

9. By Simon Josefsson on 2008-06-22

[ Simon Josefsson ]
* New upstream version.
* Update to policy 3.8.0, no package changes required.

8. By Simon Josefsson on 2008-03-17

[ Simon Josefsson ]
Change doc-base manual section from Apps/Net to System/Security (for
main Shishi manual) and Programming/C (for API reference manual),
to fix lintian warning doc-base-unknown-section.

7. By Russ Allbery on 2007-11-28

[ Simon Josefsson ]
* Fix FTBFS if built twice in a row. (closes: 424253)
* Use Homepage: field in control file.
* Use Vcs-* headers in control file.
* Don't use ${Source-Version} to avoid lintian warning.
* Update copyright file to say GPLv3, as per upstream change.
* Replace GFDL copy in copyright file with reference to base-files copy.
* New upstream release.
  - PAM module no longer display password (closes: 442094)
  - PAM module provide password to subsequent modules (closes: 442095)

[ Russ Allbery ]
* Add XS-Dm-Upload-Allowed: yes so that Simon can upload directly.
* Change the build dependency on tetex-bin to texlive-latex-base to cut
  the required build packages down somewhat.
* Wrap the Build-Depends control field for readability.

6. By Simon Josefsson on 2007-02-15

[ Simon Josefsson ]
* Put libpam_shishi.so in /lib/security, not
  in /usr/lib/security. (closes: 410992)
* Mention Russ as author of Debian package files.

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