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16. By Peter Pearse

Drop tests when cross building.

15. By Petter Reinholdtsen <email address hidden>

[ Kel Modderman ]
* Add 21_tweak_warnings.patch to make insserv warn about differing on
  disk state/LSB runlevel info for the script(s) in its argument list.
  (Closes: #578308)
* Add 100_show.patch which allows insserv --showall to dump start/stop
  bit, sequence number, runlevels and script name in the format:
  SK:NUM:RUNLEVELS:SCRIPT. It is commented out in quilt series file
  until confirmation from #573004 that it is actually useful.
* Add 30_interactive_regexp_match_fix.patch which fixes failure to
  properly match the correct group in the regular expression used on
  the X-Interactive keyword. (Closes: #580564)
* Modify 92_m68k_alignment.patch so that the define is grouped in an
  area of code which other similar defines live.

[ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
* Improve the output from make-testsuite.
* Adjust the test_x_interactive behaviour to make sure it fails with
  a fatal error if X-Interactive: true do not work.

14. By Petter Reinholdtsen <email address hidden>

* Remove obsolete rules targets missing-overrides, bin-by-inst.txt,
  missingpkgs, missing-by-popcon and clean-extra.
* New patch 82_loop_exit_msg.patch to make exit message when a loop
  is detected loop more like the exit messages when other problems
  are detected.
* Make check-initd-order report missing provides header as errors
  instead of printing perl warnings.
* New patch 62_upstart_job.patch implementing support for upstart
  jobs (Closes: #547235). Add testsuite test to ensure that it is
* Refreshed all patches.
* New patch 96_hurd_no_at_funcs.patch to try harder to get the
  source building on hurd, where for example the readlinkat() symbol
  exist in libc but always fail.

13. By Petter Reinholdtsen <email address hidden>

[ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
* Migrate the responsibility for enabling or disabling dependency
  based boot sequencing from the insserv package to the sysv-rc
  package. Rewrite package description to reflect this (Closes:
  #475478, #511753, #538959). Keep a dummy update-bootsystem-insserv
  script to avoid having to conflict with sysv-rc version 2.87dsf-2.
  Keep update-rc.d-insserv to make it impossible for the update-rc.d
  diversion to be a dangling link during upgrades. Make it a copy
  of update-rc.d from the new sysv-rc version to make sure both
  behave the same way. update-rc.d-insserv should be removed in
  Squeeze+1. update-bootsystem-insserv could be removed when
  sysv-rc 2.87dsf-2 has been gone from unstable for 3 months.
* Drop dependencies on sysv-rc, initscripts and sysvinit-utils, and
  leave it for sysv-rc to pull in the packages needed for dependency
  based boot sequencing to work properly.
* Update README to reflect that dependency based boot sequencing is
  now the default in Debian. Drop reference to obsolete CONCURRENCY
  setting (Closes: #540447).
* Add new test case test_override_remove trying to reproduce bug #540866.
  No luck so far.
* Add new test case test_insserv_virt_loop to reproduce a bug
  reported by Raphael Geissert, where an incorrect insserv.conf will
  make insserv hang forever. Add new patch 94_v1_12_2.patch from
  upstream to fix it (Closes: #541613).
* Correct test test_early_all to fail if $all do not work with stop
  sequences. Add new patch 95_stop_all.patch from upstream to fix
  it (Closes: #542043).
* Change the definition of $syslog to include rsyslog, sysklogd,
  dsyslog, inetutils-syslogd and syslog-ng, to include all syslog
  implmenetations in the archive. Dropped the syslog provide from
  the list, as it should not be used.
* Update to Standards-Version 3.8.3, no changes required.
* Add lintian override for the transitient update-bootsystem-insserv
  binary missing a manual page.
* Add new test test_local_virtual to verify that local virtual
  facilities work properly.

[ Kel Modderman ]
* Add new patch 20_install_perms_fixup.patch to install binary and
  conffile with correct permissions.
* Add new patch 21_tests_suite_new_functions.patch to add a couple
  of new test suite functions to upstream test suite.
* Make sure update-rc.d compares command line parameters for start/stop
  runlevel configuration with the Default-Start and Default-Stop values in
  LSB info comment of script and warns if there are differences.

12. By Petter Reinholdtsen <email address hidden>

[ Kel Modderman ]
* Convert dpatches to quilt series and adjust debian/rules and
* Refresh debian/patches/10_nosuse.patch to apply without fuzz.
* Add debian/patches/70_req_start_all_depends.patch to correct
  dependency information written to .depend.* files for scripts which
  declare Required-Start: $all. Thanks to upstream developer Werner
  Fink for giving us th heads up about this problem and patch.
* Add Japanese translation. Thanks Hideki Yamane. (Closes: #512858)
* Add Swedish translation. Thanks Martin Bagge. (Closes: #503603)
* Add debian/manpages and call dh_installman without specific
  arguments in debian/rules.
* Depend on debhelper >= 6 and use compat level of 6.
* Update to Standards-Version 3.8.1 without any required changes.
* Add Homepage field to debian/control.
* Add debian/patches/80_manual_warnings.patch to correct format,
  spelling and grammar errors in manual page.
* Add debian/patches/90_no_runlevel_spec_for_debian.patch to remove
  reference to known runlevels on Debian systems. These should be
  defined in Debian policy. (Closes: #500542)
* Add interface to disable|enable service symlinks for all Default-
  Start runlevels or those specified on the command line. This is
  analogous to the interface introduced to update-rc.d of 2.86.ds1-62.
* Make sure disable|enable action does not call insserv if it did not
  alter any runlevel symlinks.
* Consolidate debian/insserv.dirs into debian/dirs, only one should
* Add debian/bash-completion and install it to /etc/bash_completion.d/
  to enhance usability for bash shell users.
* When arguments to start/stop/defaults action are given to update-
  rc.d wrapper, emit a warning that the LSB information of script
  overrides the given arguments.
* Improve the way in which update-rc.d disable/enable function
  determines index of S or K bit of runlevel symlink by using rindex
  instead of a hardcoded index.
* Improve update-rc.d enable/disable function for when an unhandled
  runlevel is given as argument.
* Also look in /usr/share/insserv/overrides/ when performing
  disable/enable function in update-rc.d.

[ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
* Make a note in the usage text that update-rc.d disable and enable
  API is not yet set in stone.

11. By Petter Reinholdtsen <email address hidden>

[ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
* New test test_early_all to control that $all only affect start or
  stop sequences. Trying to reproduce issue reported in #485307.

[ Kel Modderman ]
* Add 60_all_keyword_start_only.dpatch to prevent Required-Stop: $all
  from modifying start link sort order. (Closes: #499721)
* Make test_early_all() test suite function unconditionally fatal,
  this is an importan bug fixed by 60_all_keyword_start_only.dpatch.

10. By Petter Reinholdtsen <email address hidden>

[ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
* New test case to demonstrate the bug reported in #477415.
* Include empty directories /etc/insserv.conf.d and
  /etc/insserv/overrides in the package, to get dpkg to warn about
  content there when purging insserv (Closes: #471237).
* Debconf translations:
  - Updated German from Erik Schanze (Closes: #479254).

[ Kel Modderman ]
* Add patch 60_disable_cfgfilter_stat to remove stat check from the
  callback function that filters the scanning of /etc/insserv.conf.d/ dir
  for confiuration file snippets. Instead do stat check in scan_conf().
* New test case to show that two initscripts cannot have the same Provides
* New test case exposing ability to insert a script into runlevel
  configuration that depends on virtual facility that is not provided or
  does not exist.
* New test case to check that /etc/insserv.conf.d/ can be used to allow one
  or more services to define and provide a virtual facility.
* Ensure custom insserv.conf.d/* files are cleaned after
  test_insserv_conf_d() in run-testsuite.
* Add test_onlystart() test case to check we can insert scripts with empty
  stop runlevel configuration.
* Add test_broken_header() test case to show it seems possible to insert a
  script missing Required-{Start,Stop} lsb info fields.
* Add test_no_default_start() to show that it seems possible to insert script
  missing Default-Start field.
* Add test_no_default_stop() to show that it seems possible to insert script
  missing Default-Stop field, and that links are created in stop runlevels.
* Add 62_warn_on_missing_required_fields and
  63_warn_on_missing_default_fields to enable warnings by default about
  missing Provides, Required-Start, Required-Stop, Default-Start or
  Default-Stop LSB comment keywords.
* Add a note to new patches to relate them to a case function of the test
* Add 64_missing_default_fields_fallback to ensure sane fallback of
  empty runlevel configuration is used for scripts missing Default-
  Start or Default-Stop lsb keywords.
* Add test_noprovides_header() to show that it is possible to insert script
  missing Provides keyword, and many warnings are exposed as a result.
* Add test_adding_start() to expose that adding start levels uncleanly
  modifies on disk configuration. Give test_adding_start and
  test_adding_stop test script unique names.

[ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
* Made test_adding_start and test_adding_stop checks non-fatal for
  production builds, as this problem is no regression from earlier versions.

9. By Petter Reinholdtsen <email address hidden>

Make sure the consistency check in update-bootsystem-insserv
report all problems and not only the first one.

8. By Petter Reinholdtsen <email address hidden>

* Made sure to initialize the badstate variable before it is used in
* Removed override files for uptimed and uptimed.sh, as the uptimed
  package now include the LSB headers.
* Make sure to give a proper error message when failing to enable
  dependency based boot system and insserv return an error code
  (Closes: #461141).

7. By Petter Reinholdtsen <email address hidden>

* New upstream release. (Closes: #426091)
  - Support X-Start-Before and X-Stop-After (Closes: #326120)
  - Building with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nostrip no longer strip the
    binary. (Closes: #437210)
* Let /usr/share/insserv/check-initd-order read override files in
  /etc/insserv/overrides/ just like insserv does. Patch from Arjan
  Oosting. (Closes: #429398)
* Correct the dependencies for nbd-client and libnss-ldap.
* Add override file for spamassassin.
* Update watch file with new upstream URL. (Closes: #450044)

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