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182. By Alexey Kopytov on 2010-12-24

Bug #693818: funcs_1.storedproc fails on 12.4

The problem was that the slow_extended patch changed
mysql_execute_command() so that thd->row_count is unconditionally reset
to 1 before statement execution. This could lead to incorrectly reported
row numbers in warning or error messages for stored routines.

The reason for resetting row_count in slow_extended.patch is that we
would like to see separate stats for individual statements in stored
routines. The solution is to remember the row_count value at the start
of a statement execution instead of resetting it. This way we can
calculate the number of rows corresponding to the last statement by
subtracting the original value from the current one.

Since the regression tests for slow_extended were broken on Mac OS X,
they were also fixed as a part of this bugfix.

181. By Alexey Kopytov on 2010-12-23

Bug #692211: innodb_auto_lru_dump crashes if ib_lru_dump doesn't exist

Starting the server with a non-zero innodb_auto_lru_dump value could
crash the server if the dump file does not exist.

The problem was that the 'records' pointer was not initialized at the
start of buf_LRU_file_restore(). This could lead to calling ut_free()
with uninitialized value when the dump file is not found and further
execution of buf_LRU_file_restore() is therefore aborted.

Fixed by initializing 'records' with NULL.

180. By Oleg Tsarev on 2010-12-22

fix bug #688643

Command-line option process separatelly from system varaibles.

For variable use_global_log_slow_control I do following on update:
1) if current value use_global_log_slow_control contain "long_query_time" - set "use_global_long_query_time" to "ON"m otherwise - to "OFF"
2) Check variable value - if equal "0", add single value to set - "none".

For variable use_global_long_query_time I do following on update:
If value setuped to "ON" - I add "long_query_time" to current value of use_global_log_slow_control, otherwise (use_global_long_query_time=OFF) - remove value "long_query_time" from use_global_log_slow_control.

Now I use this logic for get_options in mysqld.cc and variables in set_var.cc both.

Also fix code style

179. By Oleg Tsarev on 2010-12-22

fix bug #691234

bool variables in mysql can be used without argument in command-line and config.

Variables what can be used without argument named "optional".
Bug #691234 provocated by "required" type of variable - as result,

--use_global_long_query_time --log_slow_verbosity="full"

interpreted as:

as effect:
use_global_long_query_time=0 and log_slow_verbosity not setuped

178. By Oleg Tsarev on 2010-12-22

test "percona_slow_extended-combined":
start options: --use_global_long_query_time --log_slow_verbosity="full"
what I test: I test correct work two flags one by one, where first flag is bool value, second - some more.
Also I test correct processing of log_slow_verbosity flag ("full" should be rewrited by "microtime,query_plan,innodb")
Bug 691234 sensitive to incorrect bool's variable processing

test "percona_slow_extened-combined2"
start options: --use_global_log_slow_control="long_query_time"
what I test: I test correct processing command-line variable "use_global_log_slow_control":
1) variable should be setuped thought command-line option
2) use_global_long_query_time should be ON when variable "ues_global_log_slow_control" has value "long_query_time"

Next tests check what command-line bool variables processed correctly without argument:

In tests:

I replace incorrect "cat var/...." by "cat $MYSQLTEST_VARDIR/...". This is urgent for out-of-source build

177. By Aleksandr Kuzminsky on 2010-12-21

Added Maatkit UDF to the distribution

176. By Oleg Tsarev on 2010-12-17

port Oleg's and Alexey's patches to 5.1.54

175. By kinoyasu <kinoyasu@gauntlet4> on 2010-12-16

Yasufumi patches are ported to 5.1.54

174. By kinoyasu <kinoyasu@gauntlet4> on 2010-12-16

backport adaptive_checkpoint=keep_average and innodb_log_block_size from XtraDB on 5.5.7 dev-branch

173. By Aleksandr Kuzminsky on 2010-12-15

fixed compile error of query_response_time.cc from response_time_distribution.patch (bad offsets in patch)

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