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251. By Oleg Tsarev on 2011-07-13

1) Move all tests from mysql-test/slow_extended.patch to slow_extended.patch.
Now tests in "percona" suite
2) Rename all tests from percoa_slow_extended-X to X name
3) Extract start/stop/grep logic from tests to log_start/log_stop/log_grep includes
4) Remove tests mysql-test/slow_extended.patch/percona_slow_extended-use_global_long_query_time, because variable "use_global_long_query_time" was removed in 5.5 (and logic from this test) available in the slow_query_log_use_global_control.
5) Replace all SLEEP(X) by SET SESSION debug="+d,query_exec_time_X" or /* query_exec_time_X */
Also fixes bugs:
bug #794780 - "percona_slow_extended-microseconds_in_slow_extended sometimes fails"
bug #803071 - "add command-line variable setup test - log_slow_filter"
bug #803076 - "add command-line variable setup test - log_slow_slave_statements"
bug #803088 - "fix tests for log_slow_sp_statements:
bug #803093 - "add test for variable "log_slow_timestamp_every/slow_query_log_timestamp_always" (not command-line version)"
bug #803100 - "fix tests for use_global_log_slow_control/slow_query_log_use_global_control"
bug #803110 - "fix tests for slow_query_log_microseconds_timestamp/slow_query_log_timestamp_precision"
bug #803120 - "log_slow_verbosity ommited command-line tests in 5.5 "
bug #803137 - "rename percona_slow_extended-slave_innodb_stats.test to percona_slow_extended-log_slow_verbosity-innodb.test"
bug #760085 - "main.percona_slow_extended-slave_innodb_stats fails sporadically in 5.1.56 "
bug #803140 - "percona_slow_extended-min_examined_row_limit.test incorrect"

250. By Oleg Tsarev on 2011-07-11

Fixes for bugs #712393 #803867
1) I move query_response_time_collect call from intermediate of log_slow_statement to begin.
Reason of bug #712393 - log_slow_statement exit before call query_response_time_collect
2) I move all DBUG_EXECUTE_IF (what used in percona_query_response_time.test) from response_time_distribution.patch to slow_extended.patch
This functionality requires in the slow_extended sporadic fails
3) If we set "debug" variable:
    SET [SESSION|GLOBAL] debug="+d,query_exec_time_debug"
we can setup exact query_exec_time through set "debug" variable:
    SET [SESSION|GLOBAL] debug="+d,query_exec_time_TIMES";
where TIMES is [0.31|0.32|0.33|0.34|0.35|0.36|0.37|0.38|0.39|0.4|0.5|1.1|1.2|1.3|1.4|1.5|2.1|2.3|2.5]
After this commit we can also add special comment to the begin of query:
    /* query_exec_time="TIMES" */ QUERY;
This changes requires for test SQL_Slave_Thread query execution.
4) I replace logic:
                    if (query_execution_time == 0)
                      opt_query_response_time_stats= 0;
                      opt_query_response_time_stats= 1;);
By following:
void query_response_time_collect_with_check(ulonglong query_exec_time)
  bool collect= opt_query_response_time_stats;
                    if (0 == query_exec_time)
                      collect= false;
Otherwise debug-code has bad side-effect - set QUERY_RESPONSE_TIME_STATS to OFF if query shouldn't collect
5) I rewrite tests for response_time_distribution.patch, now all test unified and wouldn't have sporadic fails in the feature.
This change fixes the bug #803867.
6) I also remove mysql-test/response_time_distribution.patch and move to patch.
Now this is the suite "percona" and tests "query_response_time[-[stored|replication]]"
7) I also move have_response_time_distribution.[require|inc] to patch
8) I also add "percona_suite.patch" for include "percona" test suite to default suites list

249. By Stewart Smith on 2011-06-30

merge fdatasync() usage for innodb log files

248. By Stewart Smith on 2011-06-28

merge bug 802829 fix

247. By Stewart Smith on 2011-06-28

merge zip_clean removal

246. By kinoyasu <kinoyasu@gauntlet4> on 2011-06-28

fix bug794840 and bug802348

245. By Stewart Smith on 2011-06-23

merge test fixes for percona_server_variables

244. By Stewart Smith on 2011-06-23

merge valgrind fix for profiling_slow.patch around enabling of profiling_use_getrusage

243. By Stewart Smith on 2011-06-23

regenerate slow_extended.patch to attempt to fix hunk apply failure on CentOS 5 hosts.

242. By Stewart Smith on 2011-06-23

merge bug794776 fix: write_to_slow_log used without initialization

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