Code review comment for lp:~percona-core/percona-xtradb-cluster/bug-1405668-5.6

> Also there's a linked bug #1407599. Which is also going to be fixed in 5.5, but it's not mentioned in revision comments (only the fix itself is explained).

The commit message has been fixed to include this in bug subject. Its 5.5 MP is

> I'm lost in these bugs. So this MP is supposed to fix bug #1405668. Which is
> not going to be fixed in 5.5.

That is correct. I have now added 5.5 to the bug, and will submit separate MP
for it.

> But the revision I see in this MP doesn't mention bug #1405668. It mentions
> only bug #1405985. Which _is_ going to be fixed in 5.5.

The revision 946 mentions it.

Anyway, same MP is used for 3 bugs since they all modify the same file (and the
only file) and are related.

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