Merge lp:~percona-core/percona-server/release-5.6.14-62.0 into lp:percona-server/5.6

Proposed by Alexey Bychko on 2013-11-27
Status: Work in progress
Proposed branch: lp:~percona-core/percona-server/release-5.6.14-62.0
Merge into: lp:percona-server/5.6
Diff against target: 0 lines
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~percona-core/percona-server/release-5.6.14-62.0
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Laurynas Biveinis 2013-11-27 Needs Information on 2013-11-27
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Description of the change

Build 5.6.14 release 62.0

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There was another branch already merged to 5.6 trunk: lp:~abychko/percona-server/release-5.6.14-62.0, at rev 498, and the current MP diff is showing empty. What is the purpose of this MP? Release tag perhaps?

review: Needs Information

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483. By Alexey Bychko on 2013-10-25

Build 5.6.14 release 62.0

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