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0687d25... by James Penick

recognize uppercase vfat labels

Per bug#1598783 newer versions of dosfstools no longer support creating volumes
with lowercase labels. Thus calls to create a disk with label "config-2"
will actually end up labeled "CONFIG-2", which cloud-init will not recognize as
a data source. This pr fixes that behavior.

LP: #1598783

4089e20... by Chad Smith

cli: Fix error in cloud-init modules --mode=init.

The cli help docs and argument parser allow the 'init' mode value
which caused a traceback.

Fix the cli to support 'init', 'config' and 'final' modes for the
cloud-init modules subcommand.

Add a check in the cli to raise a ValueError if a new
subcommand ends up allowing an unsupported/unimplemented modes.

Drive by unit test additions for a bit better coverage of error

LP: #1736600

c87588b... by Scott Moser

release 17.2

Bump the version in cloudinit/version.py to be 17.2 and update ChangeLog.

a30a3bb... by Scott Moser

ds-identify: failure in NoCloud due to unset variable usage.

The previous OVF datasource change added a debug message that referenced
an un-used variable. The failure path would be triggered if an image was
booted with a iso9660 filesystem attached to a device that was not a

A unit test is added for the specific failure found.

Additional safety to avoid 'cidata' labels is also added to the OVF

LP: #1737704

b63ee73... by Joshua Powers

tests: fix collect_console when not implemented

The exception was incorrectly creating a string and not a bytes object.

703241a... by Andrew Jorgensen

ec2: Use instance-identity doc for region and instance-id

The instance identity document is a better source for region information,
partly because region isn't actually in meta-data at all, only
availability-zone, which happens to be named similarly.

Reviewed-by: Ethan Faust <email address hidden>
Reviewed-by: Cyle Riggs <email address hidden>
Reviewed-by: Tom Kirchner <email address hidden>
Reviewed-by: Matt Nierzwicki <email address hidden>
[<email address hidden>: rebase onto 0.7.9]
[<email address hidden>: changes per merge proposal discussions]

bd0ffd1... by Scott Moser

tests: remove leaked tmp files in config drive tests.

Make sure that some temporary files used by the config drive tests get
cleaned up properly.

8f162b6... by Scott Moser

setup.py: Do not include rendered files in SOURCES.txt

cloud-init renders template files during its run of setup.py.
Those rendered files were in a temp dir and were making their
way into the SOURCES.txt file. That caused problems for SuSE's build
system that desired for reproducible builds.

We do not want to include those, so here we explicitly prune them out.

The issue of SOURCES.txt containing tmp files was reproducible with:
  $ rm -Rf cloud_init.egg-info
  $ git clean --force
  $ rm -Rf ../root.d; python3 setup.py install --root=../root.d
  $ grep ^tmp cloud_init.egg-info/SOURCES.txt

goo: http://bugzilla.opensuse.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1069635

022e868... by Robert Schweikert

SUSE: remove delta in systemd local template for SUSE

On openSUSE and SLES systemd is allowed to pull the default dependencies,
thus setting "Before=basic.target" is incorrect and creates a cycle leading
to the deletion of the cloud-init-local.service

1d1c312... by Scott Moser

tests: move to using tox 1.7.5

When we moved to having tox run on tests/ and tools/ we bumped tox
to version 1.7.1. That was an error on my part as I just checked the
version I had locally and didn't go looking for what the newest upstream
release was.

The current version as of today is 1.7.5 and 'tox -e pylint' works with
this version