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Olivier Dony (Odoo) (odo-openerp) wrote :

On 05/17/2013 01:07 PM, Pedro Manuel Baeza wrote:
> Olivier, indeed there's a technical problem: we have three plans, differing
> only in a few accounts and taxes, but the hierarchical structure forces to
> define a parent for each account. As you can only put the root account and
> the root tax code in the definition of the plan, there's no way to define
> these little modifications but creating new account and tax code trees, at
> least with OpenERP standard tools. Do you know another way?

I've just merged your branch[1], after taking the liberty to convert a few tabs
to spaces in the new XML files (the convention for OpenERP is to never use tabs
for indentation).

Concerning the reuse of the same accounts between multiple charts of accounts,
I agree that it is not obvious but there is normally a way. You can define a
hierarchy between your Chart of Accounts (account.chart.template). When a CoA
has a parent, the accounts from the parent are automatically loaded when it is
installed. You can use this to factor out the common structure from several CoA
into a generic parent CoA, and then turn off the `visible` flag on the parent
so it does not appear in the list of installable CoAs.
This is probably best explained with an example, so have a look at the l10n_us
localization, it uses this technique to define 7 different CoAs for the US.
Start from here:

This might not solve the duplication completely for l10n_es, but it's worth
investigating. I'd be glad to have some feedback if you try it, there are
probably many things to improve to make this easier for implementing complex

Thanks for your great contributions, your patience and your quick replies!

[1] in addons 7.0, rev.9138
revision-id: <email address hidden>

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