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Ying-Chun Liu
Unity 8

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845. By Ying-Chun Liu on 2014-07-03

Merge trunk. Fix FTBFS

* debian/control:
  list qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-ui-toolkit-plugin-gles as an alternative
  choice, since provides are not versionned, should restore installability
  on amd64 and i386
[ Michał Sawicz ]
* Adapt to suru theme.
[ Michael Terry ]
* Fix path in launcher mock after moving our mock icons, to avoid a
  lot of "icon not found" warnings during qmluitests.
* Fix the testMultiGreeter qmluitest. Incoming method variables are
  apparently read-only in Qt5.3. (LP: #1332488)
[ CI bot ]
* Resync trunk
[ Michał Sawicz ]
* Adapt scope mock to new api and quiet unused variable warnings.
* Fix dynamic overlay height. (LP: #1334879)
* Don't center items in CardVerticalJournal, kind of beats the
  purpose... Also don't bind unnecessarily.
[ Ying-Chun Liu ]
* Fix LP:1330957 Fix some failed test cases. (LP: #1330957)
[ Albert Astals ]
* Don't seem to need this waitForRendering And makes test fail in 5.3
[ Alberto Aguirre ]
* Update Powerd plugin and Shell.qml to accommodate changes in the
  display power state notification.

844. By Ying-Chun Liu on 2014-06-25

Add translation.

843. By Ying-Chun Liu on 2014-06-25

Merge trunk.

[ Ying-Chun Liu ]
* Add logout support. Reviewed by: Daniel d'Andrada (LP: #1302213)
[ Michał Sawicz ]
* Make so that fixedArtShapeSize actually fixes artShapeSize.
[ Albert Astals ]
* Add VerticalJournal integration to Dash/scopes/QML (LP: #1326467)
* Make so that fixedArtShapeSize actually fixes artShapeSize.
[ Mirco Müller ]
* Added the frontend-part of sound-hint support for notifications with
  updated QML-tests.
* New rebuild forced
[ Albert Astals ]
* Departments support (LP: #1320847)
[ Pawel Stolowski ]
* Extend the hack for click scope categories with the upcoming 'store'
  category: single-tap on results from the 'store' category should
  activate them, instead of requesting a preview. (LP: #1326292)
[ Albert Astals ]
* Drop the " Preview" suffix from Preview title As requested in
  https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity8/+bug/1316671 (LP: #1316671)
[ Michael Terry ]
* Revert split greeter for now. We will bring it back as an option
  for Desktop, but use a big hammer revert right now to get Touch back
  in shape.
[ CI bot ]
* Fix build problems. Reviewed by: Michael Terry (LP: #1328850)
[ Michał Sawicz ]
* Make lockscreen buttons translatable.
[ Albert Astals ]
* Correctly mark these functions as overrides
* Remove connections to non existant signal
* Better test name
* Improvements for headerless categories LVPWH: No section name -> no
  header LVPWH: New hasSectionHeader context property for delegates
  GSV: Add topMargin if no hasSectionHeader (LP: #1326415)
* Make tryVerticalJournal, tryHorizontalJournal and tryOrganicGrid
  work again
[ Michael Zanetti ]
* Don't crash when we get an invalid app from ApplicationManager (LP:
[ Andrea Cimitan ]
* Workaround for lp1324159 (LP: #1322233, #1324159)
[ CI bot ]
* Resync trunk
[ Florian Boucault ]
* Application startup: changed splash rectangle to be black instead of
  white and added a neat little animation. (LP: #1124265)
[ Michael Terry ]
* Bump version so ubuntu-touch-session can reference this one
[ CI bot ]
* Resync trunk
[ Michał Sawicz ]
* Move env setup past session init in greeter wrapper. (LP: #1325882)
* no change rebuild
* drop dbus-x11 dependency of unity8-greeter, it makes us end up with
  multiple session dbus daemons which breaks many AP tests in the lab
[ Michael Terry ]
* Bump version for Breaks due to unity8-greeter
* In split mode, determine whether the application identifiers in
  AccountsService are click packages or not, so we know the correct
  url prefix to use.
* Start logrotate in the greeter's session.
[ Andrea Cimitan ]
* Passes to make tryCommand -qmljsdebugger=port:3768 to enable
  debug/profiling test apps
* Fixes carousel shadow
[ Michał Sawicz ]
* Use dpkg-architecture, not gcc, to determine the machine triplet.
[ Ying-Chun Liu ]
* Fix ZoomableImage test failure. (LP: #1317254)
[ Albert Astals ]
* We don't need iconutils in this mock
* Don't reserve space for mascot if no mascot is specified (LP:
* CardHeader is no more, remove stale line in CMakeLists.txt
* GenericScopeViewTest: Wait a bit more Otherwise sometimes we end
  getting up the wrong delegate (maybe one that will be garbage
  collected?) (LP: #1322279)
* Fix crash in organicgridtest
[ Daniel d'Andrada ]
* Remove Shell's underlay background image as it cannot be seen
  anymore Now that the Dash has its own, opaque, background, the
  underlay's background image can no longer be seen. So it's just a
  waste of resources to have it.
[ Michael Terry ]
* Use the same animation when dismissing a greeter slide from the
  launcher as from a normal greeter drag. (LP: #1316513)
[ Michael Zanetti ]
* enhance lockscreen add a retry indication label (e.g. 3 attempts
  left). add an additional label (e.g. phone number for multi sim).
  add a infoPopup (e.g. to display a warning for last retry). add min
  and max limit values. add tests for the above (LP: #1302050)
[ Albert Astals ]
* Use Interface classes from unity-api
[ Ubuntu daily release ]
* New rebuild forced
[ Albert Astals ]
* Use the new displayMargin feature Also port our DashViews to use
  same naming and behaviour + update tests

842. By Ying-Chun Liu on 2014-05-28

Change ID.

841. By Ying-Chun Liu on 2014-05-21

merge trunk
[ Michal Hruby ]
* Updated scope tool to create proper config files after recent
  libunity-scopes-api changes.
[ Michał Sawicz ]
* Refactor export_qmlfiles and export_qmlplugins to be more generic
  and clean up installed mocks.
[ Albert Astals ]
* Remove empty dirs
* Set the tabbarmodel index as we do on real code It works better :D
  (LP: #1317255)
[ Thomi Richards ]
* Use new import location for ProcessSearchError in process_helpers
[ Andrea Cimitan ]
* Adds shadow for the carousel
[ Daniel d'Andrada ]
* Remove Revealer component It's not used anywhere anymore. It's been
  replaced by DragHandle.
[ Andy Doan ]
* unlock_device: support more complex reboot/wait cycles Currently
  this script only allows you to override how to "wait" on the device.
  This changes the logic to also support how you go about rebooting
  the device. This is handy for the ubuntu-emulator because adb-reboot
  is not currently supported. However, we also have a more
  sophisticated, fool-proof way we reboot/wait in the CI lab that
  would be nice to take advantage of:
[ CI bot ]
* Resync trunk
[ Michael Zanetti ]
* support appid:// entries in gsettings schema and make
  findDesktopFile work with short-appid (LP: #1239750)
[ Antti Kaijanmäki ]
* Indicators/RootActionState: use g_variant_iter_loop to extract
[ Andrea Cimitan ]
* Improve padding in Text preview widget. (LP: #1316683)
[ CI bot ]
* Resync trunk
[ Nick Dedekind ]
* Removed binding loop from Unity.Indicators.MenuContentActivator
  Change handler for QMLListProperty used by MenuContent.qml:
  menuActivator.content[index].active If we're already asking for the
  index, we know it exists already. No need to send a
  changeNotification on an implied creation.
[ Josh Arenson ]
* Implements usage-style documentation for unity8 executable. Fixes
  lp:1269282 (LP: #1269282)
[ Albert Astals ]
* Create specialized Card code in Javascript instead of having various
  copied&pasted files (LP: #1297197)
[ Michał Sawicz ]
* Remove HUD from the bottom edge. Again.
[ Ted Gould ]
* Provide a dbus interface for setting the count and countVisible
  properties. (LP: #1301400)
[ Michał Sawicz ]
* Pass env variables to initctl start.
* Suffix .sh to our scripts and clean up debian/rules.
* Adapt to Debian Qt package renames and drop unneeded Dee plugin
[ Ying-Chun Liu ]
* Add Zoomable Image for Preview widgets.
[ Albert Astals ]
* Remove support for Qt <= 5.2.1
[ Mirco Müller ]
* Implemented feature-request from Design for modal snap-decision
  notifications on the phone. See LP #1285712 (LP: #1285712)
[ Andrea Cimitan ]
* Make progressbas in preview widget big as the button
[ CI bot ]
* Resync trunk
[ tpeeters ]
* Adapt to new TabBar
[ Tim Peeters ]
* Adapt to new TabBar

840. By Ying-Chun Liu on 2014-05-09

Add dialog.

839. By Ying-Chun Liu on 2014-05-07

Remove type string.
Remove construct with parent.

838. By Ying-Chun Liu on 2014-05-06

Add more comments

837. By Ying-Chun Liu on 2014-05-06

Add Session logout.

836. By Ying-Chun Liu on 2014-04-30

[ Andrea Cimitan ]
* Update upstart job to reflect latest unity-mir changes
* Fix locale in qml tests and fixtimeformattertest (LP: #1301038)
* Fix 1309135 (LP: #1309135)
[ Michał Sawicz ]
* Split out unity8-common package
* Don't wait for indicator services to start, and drop Scope Tool's
  .desktop file. (LP: #1310172)
[ Michael Terry ]
* Stop clock from hiding when the 'show dash' button is pressed in
  greeter. (LP: #1308139)
* Make swipe teases in the greeter more helpful and obvious (LP:
[ Nick Dedekind ]
* Fixed datetime indicator appointment colour (LP: #1307048)
[ Albert Astals ]
* Improve Card creation time by adding loaders that make sure only
  what's needed is loaded (LP: #1297197)
* CategoryDelegateRange: Fix condition for detecting overshooting
* Make xvfbtests work in the DashView plugins
* Fix binding loop in FilterGrid height
[ Victor R. Ruiz ]
* Move autopilot notification code to a helper method.
[ Albert Astals ]
* Fix last item X position Fixes clicking on the last item sometimes
  not working (LP: #1301871)
* Use upstart in ./run Makes it so that you can use the lock button on
  the device without getting that nasty hwc crash
* Remove AnimationControllerWithSignals.
* Use the correct delegate base item for the Carousel test
* Some simplification in DashContent Kill the ScopeDelegateMapper in
  favour of a simple if (that will eventually go away). Removal of all
  the fake scopes in the tests that added nothing of value to the
  tests. Removal of movementEnded signal that was unused. Removal of
  movementStarted and positionedAtBeginning signals that were being
  used as function calls. Rework DashContent tests so they what the
  function does what it is supposed to do instead of just making sure
  QML signals work .
* Improve Card creation time by adding loaders that make sure only
  what's needed is loaded In my computer it goes from RESULT :
  l": 3.217 msecs per iteration (total: 3,218, iterations: 1000)
  1.647 msecs per iteration (total: 1,648, iterations: 1000) RESULT :
  qmltestrunner::benchmark_time:"cardTitleArtSubtitleModel": 1.514
  msecs per iteration (total: 1,515, iterations: 1000) RESULT :
  qmltestrunner::benchmark_time:"cardTitleArtModel": 1.471 msecs per
  iteration (total: 1,471, iterations: 1000) RESULT :
  qmltestrunner::benchmark_time:"cardArtModel": 1.447 msecs per
  iteration (total: 1,448, iterations: 1000) RESULT :
  qmltestrunner::benchmark_time:"cardTitleModel": 1.276 msecs per
  iteration (total: 1,276, iterations: 1000) to RESULT :
  l": 2.916 msecs per iteration (total: 2,917, iterations: 1000)
  1.504 msecs per iteration (total: 1,504, iterations: 1000) RESULT :
  qmltestrunner::benchmark_time:"cardTitleArtSubtitleModel": 1.060
  msecs per iteration (total: 1,061, iterations: 1000) RESULT :
  qmltestrunner::benchmark_time:"cardTitleArtModel": 1.052 msecs per
  iteration (total: 1,053, iterations: 1000) RESULT :
  qmltestrunner::benchmark_time:"cardArtModel": 0.727 msecs per
  iteration (total: 728, iterations: 1000) RESULT :
  qmltestrunner::benchmark_time:"cardTitleModel": 0.817 msecs per
  iteration (total: 818, iterations: 1000) (LP: #1297197)
[ Allan LeSage ]
* DashApps emulator get_applications should return a list ordered by
  visible y, x.
[ Andrea Cimitan ]
* Workaround for lp1301309 until fixes for palette in ui toolkit (LP:
[ Leo Arias ]
* Reverted the change that returns application cards instead of
[ Nick Dedekind ]
* Indicator services started by unity8 upstart configuration rather
  than manual emmision from indicator manager.
[ Mirco Müller ]
* Fix notification ap-test assertions.
[ Michael Terry ]
* Use new tablet and phone backgrounds from Design.
[ Michael Zanetti ]
* workaround the QTestLogger assertion issue with make tryXyz and our
  custom uqmlscene
[ Michael Terry ]
* When an application requests focus, handle it in Shell.qml by hiding
  the greeter and stopping any edge demo. (LP: #1227753)
[ Leo Arias ]
* Use subprocess.check_call when caling url-dispatcher, so an error
  will be raised if it fails.
* Test application life cycle with fake apps, instead of messaging and
  address book.

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