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Paul Gear (paulgear) wrote :

> I get a "make lint" error from this:
> hooks/ C901 'write_config' is too complex (10)
> You may want to consider ignoring that in the default lint target and adding a
> "complex-lint" target that doesn't ignore it so you can work it down to zero
> over time.

Which version of flake8 are you running? On my system (flake8 3.2.1-1), I have to drop max-complexity from 10 to 8 to get a failure in that method.

> How does some use You mention in the comments for that
> file that it can be for diagnostic purposes. That sounds like something that
> would be nice to expose via juju actions. I don't think that should
> necessarily block the landing of this, but if you're planning to advertise
> that functionality at all, I think it should be done via juju actions first.

That would probably be important to have for receiving troubleshooting reports from others, but I wasn't planning to advertise it in the first instance. I'll try to get some time to add one in the next couple of weeks.

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