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edc8fba... by Paul Meyer

Azure: wait 15 minutes for SSH pub keys to arrive

e626966... by Chad Smith

cmdline: add collect-logs subcommand.

Add a new collect-logs sub command to the cloud-init CLI. This script
will collect all logs pertinent to a cloud-init run and store them in a
compressed tar-gzipped file. This tarfile can be attached to any
cloud-init bug filed in order to aid in bug triage and resolution.

A cloudinit.apport module is also added that allows apport interaction.
Here is an example bug filed via ubuntu-bug cloud-init: LP: #1716975.

Once the apport launcher is packaged in cloud-init, bugs can be filed
against cloud-init with the following command:
  ubuntu-bug cloud-init

LP: #1607345

da1db79... by Scott Moser

CloudStack: consider dhclient lease files named with a hyphen.

A regression in 'get_latest_lease' made it ignore files starting with
'dhclient-' rather than just 'dhclient.'. The fix here is to allow those
files to be considered.

There is a lot more we could do here to better ensure that we pick the
most recent lease, but this change fixes the regression.

LP: #1717147

024ecc1... by Chad Smith

resizefs: Drop check for read-only device file, do not warn on overlayroot.

As root user, os.access(<path>, os.W_OK) will always return True so that
path will never get executed. Also avoid a warning if the root is
overlayroot, which is the common case on a MAAS booted 'ephemeral' system.

a2f8ce9... by Balint Reczey

Do not provide systemd-fsck drop-in which could cause ordering cycles.

Revert "centos: do not package systemd-fsck drop-in."
Revert "systemd: make systemd-fsck run after cloud-init.service"

The systemd-fsck drop-in caused regressions by introducing ordering
The change reverts the original commit that added systemd-fsck drop-in
and another commit that had removed that from the centos packaging:

The result is to no longer provide the systemd-fsck drop-in.

LP: #1717477

376168e... by Joshua Powers

tests: Enable the NoCloud KVM platform

The NoCloud KVM platform includes:

  * Downloads daily Ubuntu images using streams and store in
  * Image customization, if required, is done using
    mount-image-callback otherwise image is untouched
  * Launches KVM via the xkvm script, a wrapper around
    qemu-system, and sets custom port for SSH
  * Generation and inject an SSH (RSA 4096) key pair to use for
    communication with the guest to collect test artifacts
  * Add method to produce safe shell strings by base64 encoding
    the command

Additional Changes:

  * Set default backend to use LXD
  * Verify not running script as root in order to prevent images
    from becoming owned by root
  * Removed extra quotes around that were added when collecting
    the cloud-init version from the image
  * Added info about each release as previously the lxd backend
    was able to query that information from pylxd image info,
    however, other backends will not be able to obtain the same
    information as easily

29a9296... by Dusty Mabe

resizefs: pass mount point to xfs_growfs

Supposedly it was never a feature to be able to pass a path to a block
device to xfs_growfs and have it grow the filesystem. The behavior changed
upstream recently. It is only supported to pass the mount point of a mounted
XFS filesystem. This causes breakages in cloud-init.

Upstream xfs change was commit b97815a0321072a7154ecab63e297af84066fc78.

rhbz: rhbz: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1490505

Signed-off-by: Dusty Mabe <email address hidden>

7629702... by Sankar Tanguturi

vmware: Enable nics before sending the SUCCESS event.

The network devices should be enabled before sending the 'SUCCESS' event
to the underlying hypervisor.

f761f2b... by Chad Smith

cloud-config modules: honor distros definitions in each module

Modules can optionally define a list of supported distros on which they can run
by declaring a distros attribute in the cc_*py module. This branch fixes
handling of cloudinit.stages.Modules.run_section. The behavior of run_section
is now the following:
 - always run a module if the module doesn't declare a distros attribute
 - always run a module if the module declares distros = [ALL_DISTROS]
 - skip a module if the distribution on which we run isn't in module.distros
 - force a run of a skipped module if unverified_modules configuration contains
   the module name

LP: #1715738
LP: #1715690

cf10a2f... by Ethan Apodaca

chef: Add option to pin chef omnibus install version

Most users of chef will want to pin the version that is installed.
Typically new versions of chef have to be evaluated for breakage etc.

This change proposes a new optional `omnibus_version` field to the chef
configuration. The changeset also adds documentation referencing the new

LP: #1462693