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Paul McCullagh (paul-mccullagh) wrote :

I have made 2 changes to the original proposal:

1. I have improved the bug fix in RN291 (bug #489088). The problem was: [Warning] Plugin 'PBXT' will be forced to shutdown. The bug fix caused a crash under certain circumstances. This has been fixed.

2. I have def'd out the following code (changed ifndef to ifdef):

    for now, only InnoDB supports 2pc. It means we can always safely
    rollback all pending transactions, without risking inconsistent data
  DBUG_ASSERT(total_ha_2pc == (ulong) opt_bin_log+1); // only InnoDB and binlog
  tc_heuristic_recover= TC_HEURISTIC_RECOVER_ROLLBACK; // forcing ROLLBACK

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