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Paul McCullagh (paul-mccullagh) wrote :

This is the 3rd RC release of PBXT. It includes a number of bug fixes (some specifically for MariaDB), and 2 features:

- XA/2-Phase commit support
- Online backup native driver for PBXT

The backup uses the MySQL backup API (MySQL 6.0/5.4), and is not yet available in MariaDB.

Release notes since the RC2 version already in MariaDB are as follows:

------- 1.0.09f RC3 - 2009-11-30

RN291: Fixed bug #489088: On shutdown MySQL reports: [Warning] Plugin 'PBXT' will be forced to shutdown.

RN290: Fixed bug #345524: pbxt does not compile on 64 bit windows. Currently atomic operations are not supported on this platform.

RN286: Fixed a bug introduced in RN281, which could cause an index scan to hang. The original change was to prevent a warning in Valgrind.

RN285: Merged changes required to compile with Drizzle.

RN284: Fixed bug that cause the error "[ERROR] Invalid (old?) table or database name 'mysqld.1'", when running temp_table.test under MariaDB (thanks to Monty for his initial bug fix). Added a fix for partition table names as well.

RN283: Added win_inttypes.h to the distribution. This file is only required for the Windows build.

RN282: Fixed bug #451101: jump or move depends on uninitialised value in myxt_get_key_length

RN281: Fixed bug #451080: Uninitialised memory write in XTDatabaseLog::xlog_append

RN280: Fixed bug #451085: jump or move depends on uninitialised value in my_type_to_string

RN279: Fixed bug #441000: xtstat crashes with segmentation fault on startup if max_pbxt_threads exceeded.

------- 1.0.09e RC3 - 2009-11-20

RN278: Fixed compile error with MySQL 5.1.41.

------- 1.0.09d RC3 - 2009-09-30

RN277: Added r/o flag to pbxt_max_threads server variable (this fix is related to bug #430637)

RN276: Added test case for replication on tables w/o PKs (see bug #430716)

RN275: Fixed bug #430600: 'Failed to read auto-increment value from storage engine' error.

RN274: Fixed bug #431240: This report is public edit xtstat fails if no PBXT table has been created. xtstat now accepts --database=information_schema or --database=pbxt. Depending on this setting PBXT will either use the information_schema.pbxt_statistics or the pbxt.statistics table. If information_schema is used, then the statistics are displayed even when no PBXT table exists. Recovery activity is also displayed, unless pbxt_support_xa=1, in which case MySQL will wait for PBXT recovery to complete before allowing connections.

RN273: Fixed bug #430633: XA_RBDEADLOCK is not returned on XA END after the transacting ended with a deadlock.

RN272: Fixed bug #430596: Backup/restore does not work well even on a basic PBXT table with auto-increment.

------- 1.0.09c RC3 - 2009-09-16

RN271: Windows build update: now you can simply put the pbxt directory under <mysql-root>/storage and build the PBXT engine as a part of the source tree. The engine will be linked statically. Be sure to specify the WITH_PBXT_STORAGE_ENGINE option when running win\configure.js

RN270: Correctly disabled PBMS so that this version now compiles under Windows. If PBMS_ENABLED is defined, PBXT will not compile under Windows becaause of a getpid() call in pbms.h.

------- 1.0.09 RC3 - 2009-09-09

RN269: Implemented online backup. A native online backup driver now performs BACKUP and RESTORE DATABASE operations for PBXT. NOTE: This feature is only supported by MySQL 6.0.9 or later.

RN268: Implemented XA support. PBXT now supports all XA related MySQL statements. The variable pbxt_support_xa determines if XA support is enabled. Note: due to MySQL bug #47134, enabling XA support could lead to a crash.

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