Merge ~paride/ubuntu-release-tools/+git/templates:aut-profiles into ~ubuntu-release/ubuntu-release-tools/+git/templates:main

Proposed by Paride Legovini
Status: Merged
Merged at revision: 6bbb3f5ed0542c040e86fff54b34b91cb5872f81
Proposed branch: ~paride/ubuntu-release-tools/+git/templates:aut-profiles
Merge into: ~ubuntu-release/ubuntu-release-tools/+git/templates:main
Diff against target: 23 lines (+3/-1)
2 files modified
jira-milestones/end-of-life.yaml (+1/-1)
jira-milestones/new-cycle-opening.yaml (+2/-0)
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Steve Langasek Approve
Brian Murray Pending
Review via email:

Commit message

Add subtask for automatic upgrade testing profiles on cycle opening

Also: update example pointer for EOL releases.

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Steve Langasek (vorlon) :
review: Approve

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1diff --git a/jira-milestones/end-of-life.yaml b/jira-milestones/end-of-life.yaml
2index 7e227d1..8eb68d1 100644
3--- a/jira-milestones/end-of-life.yaml
4+++ b/jira-milestones/end-of-life.yaml
5@@ -124,7 +124,7 @@
6 On ddebs.internal, move /srv/* to /srv/, after which ddeb-retriever will do
7 a garbage-collection pass.
8 - task: Remove automatic upgrade testing profiles
9- description: See as an example
10+ description: See as an example
11 - task: Submit an RT to remove unnecessary crash data from the Error Tracker for the EoL release
12 description: See as an example.
14diff --git a/jira-milestones/new-cycle-opening.yaml b/jira-milestones/new-cycle-opening.yaml
15index f9e2fda..aeb1a0c 100644
16--- a/jira-milestones/new-cycle-opening.yaml
17+++ b/jira-milestones/new-cycle-opening.yaml
18@@ -210,3 +210,5 @@
19 In general, October releases follow a 25-week schedule, while April releases follow a 27-week schedule, to compensate for year-end holiday
20 (non-LTS releases might break this cycle to wiggle things a bit). Add the release date to the Canonical Ubuntu Release Calendar.
21 - task: Make sure that all incoming milestones for the release are carded and assigned to respective release team members
22+ - task: Add automatic upgrade testing profiles
23+ description: See as an example.


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