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5cef25c... by Paride Legovini

test: adjust the pytest entry point for pre-Kinetic compatibility

In Ubuntu <=Jammy python3-pytest does not install the /usr/bin/pytest
entry point for pytest. Use `python3 -m pytest` instead.

Also: drop the old `test2` target (intended for Python 2 testing), and
make the `test` target run the tests. This also allows us to drop the
override_dh_auto_test from d/rules.

58d7b9d... by Alberto Contreras

migrate nose to pytest

nose is not supported on python 3.10+

Fixes https://bugs.launchpad.net/simplestreams/+bug/1990495

a23536b... by Iain Lane

generate_index: Output product list in sorted order

This can help when consumers want to write code which
matches on the expected output generated by simplestreams.

601a4c8... by Philip Roche

Merge master-jammy-lts into master [a=toabctl] [r=philroche]

Make jammy the current LTS

MP: https://code.launchpad.net/~toabctl/simplestreams/+git/simplestreams/+merge/430286

be53318... by Thomas Bechtold

Make jammy the current LTS

22.04.1 has been released, it's time to make Jammy the current LTS

bc0d943... by Gui Maluf Balzana

Add `latest=true` property to synced images

When creating Openstack VMs the user has to specify the image it wants
to use. sstream-mirror-glance adds a date to the image name, so they
always have to recheck which is the current latest image.

This commit ensures the `latest=true` property is available for the
latest synced image.

Add --set-latest-property CLI argument

When --set-latest-property is given sstream-mirror-glance will set the
recently synced image with the `latest=true` property and then remove
the `latest` property from all the os_version/architecture matching

Closes-bug: LP #1933130

cbc0ac9... by Yoshi Kadokawa

Add support for importing images

Enable conversion of images to raw format
by importing the images to Glance.

LP: #1889729

18c7d63... by Philip Roche

Restores support for older versions of python-requests

If simplestreams is being used with a version of
python-requests < 2.4.1 then any calls to request.get
will result in
ValueError: Timeout value connect was (TIMEOUT, None), but it must
be an int or float.
The option to use a tuple of (content timeout,read timeout) was
in troduced in requests 2.4.1. Making this chance restores support
for systems with python-requests < 2.4.1 while still retaining the
support for the timeout feature which now will continue to behave
like the non requests Urllib2UrlReader class.

d58a3a3... by Paride Legovini

Bring the packaging to newer standards.

b936edd... by Adam Collard

Remove requests read timeout, whilst retaining connect timeout

Drive-by: make the negative tests actually test negative sizes

Fix for bug introduced in f37d2ed - the intention there was only
for a connect timeout and not a read timeout.