Merge lp:~paolorotolo/rhythmbox/fix-for-991107 into lp:rhythmbox

Proposed by Paolo Rotolo
Status: Needs review
Proposed branch: lp:~paolorotolo/rhythmbox/fix-for-991107
Merge into: lp:rhythmbox
Diff against target: 15 lines (+2/-2)
1 file modified
plugins/lyrics/ (+2/-2)
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~paolorotolo/rhythmbox/fix-for-991107
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Marc Deslauriers (community) Needs Fixing
Jonathan Matthew Pending
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Description of the change

Fix typo (LP #991107).

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Marc Deslauriers (mdeslaur) wrote :

NACK on the fix. The underscore is there so the next character becomes the accelerator key.
The right fix would be to create the ToggleButton with use_underline=True.

review: Needs Fixing

Unmerged revisions

7999. By Paolo Rotolo

  * plugins/lyrics/ fix typo. (LP #991107)

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1=== modified file 'plugins/lyrics/'
2--- plugins/lyrics/ 2012-02-01 21:25:55 +0000
3+++ plugins/lyrics/ 2012-05-02 11:42:18 +0000
4@@ -224,9 +224,9 @@
5 self.get_lyrics()
8- self.edit = Gtk.ToggleButton(label=_("_Edit"))
9+ self.edit = Gtk.ToggleButton(label=_("Edit"))
10 self.edit.connect('toggled', edit_callback)
11- self.discard = Gtk.Button(label=_("_Search again"))
12+ self.discard = Gtk.Button(label=_("Search again"))
13 self.discard.connect('clicked', discard_callback)
14 self.clear = Gtk.Button.new_from_stock(Gtk.STOCK_CLEAR)
15 self.clear.connect('clicked', clear_callback)


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